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Public perception of millennials is often negative. We have vague notions of entitlement, narcissism, and laziness. As we continue our discussion on inter-generational dynamics in our organizations, we need to address these notions, which have taken on a mythological affect. How do we challenge these ideas, and how much truth… More

Making a Millennial

The word ‘Millennial’ is perhaps the most divisive word within my peer-group. Many people resent being labelled, whether they are a millennial or a baby boomer. For many people my age, childhood and adolescence were used to reinforce the idea that we get to develop our own identity, and that… More

Beyond Us

Imagine a ministry that is built to last and to serve your community long into the future, secure in its mission and its vision. Imagine a ministry that people want to support, and feel comfortable supporting, knowing that the organization will continue to be a relevant and effective asset to… More