Upcoming and Significant Changes to Ontario Workplace Regime

Authored by Philip A.S. Milley, Associate Director, Legal Affairs  In 2015 the Ontario government initiated a Changing Workplaces Review, which resulted in a 416-page report (the “Report”) containing several recommended changes to the regulation of employment and labour in the province. The Report has garnered much attention from employees and… More

CRA Has Moved! Charities Must Update Their Receipts!

Authored by Philip A.S. Milley, Associate Director, Legal Affairs The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) has recently transitioned its website to its new domain: www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency.html. The “Canada.ca” domain will act as the primary location of all Government of Canada websites. It appears that many of the Charities Directorate pages have transitioned to… More

CRA to Make Courtesy Calls Regarding T3010 Filing

Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) recently announced that it has started making automated courtesy calls to registered charities for the purposes of notifying them that the deadline to file their T3010 Registered Charity Information Return is approaching. The automated message informs charities that their deadline is approaching and provides information about… More

Unexpected Changes to Charity Registration Process

Today, June 20, 2017, Tony Manconi, Director General of the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) Charities Directorate, announced the introduction of three minor changes that will affect charity registration starting on July 1, 2017. The three minor changes include: Draft Documents: The Charities Directorate will no longer review applications that are submitted… More

CASL Private Right of Action Suspended

We previously discussed the important changes to Canada’s anti-spam regime that are due to be introduced on July 1, 2017. Specifically, we reported that individual complainants will be permitted a private right of action pursuant to s. 47 and 48 of CASL, which would allow individuals to initiate court proceedings to seek redress for… More