Hearing Update On Trinity Western University v. Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

Below are my speaking notes for my oral argument delivered today, December 17, 2014, at the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in the case of Trinity Western University v. Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. You may watch the delivery at: http://courts.ns.ca/Webcasts/webcasts_archive_trials.htm  under tab December 17, 2014, Morning 1 Here is a picture of… More

Called To Participate, But Not At The Table

A strange thing has occurred in the case of Trinity Western University v. The Law Society of Upper Canada. On July 17, 2014, Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) received a public notice from the Law Society outlining how CCCC could participate by applying to intervene in the case. On… More

Why Discrimination Is Not Always Wrong

Discrimination is not always wrong. Rather, discrimination is like fire. In some contexts, it gives heat and sustains life. In other contexts, it kills. To say that all discrimination is wrong is a failure to appreciate the difference. Our lives are full of discriminatory acts. Perhaps the most instinctive discriminatory… More

A Referendum On Religious Freedom

What is the point of enshrining religious freedom in the Canadian Charter of Rights if you can call a referendum to take it away?  It would appear that the British Columbia Law Society—its benchers and membership—no longer see that irony in their animus against Trinity Western University’s Law School. In… More