Law Society of BC Appeals TWU To Supreme Court of Canada

“The Law Society is of the view that this is a matter of national significance,” said David Crossin, QC, BC Law Society President. Indeed, one would have to agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Crossin.  This case will, in my view, shape the future of the interrelationship between freedom of religion and sexual… More

The Decision That Has Changed Everything For TWU

As counsel for Canadian Council of Christian Charities, one of the interveners in the TWU case, I cannot but be pleased with the November 1 decision delivered by the British Columbia Court of Appeal.  A 5-0 decision is significant.  Especially when you consider that the Court had the benefit… More

Developing Story: BC Court of Appeal Rules 5-0 in favour of TWU

This entry is part 27 of 27 in the series Trinity Western University.

This entry is part 27 of 27 in the series Trinity Western University. Summary of Decision by BC Court of Appeal.  Full decision here:  A commentary will follow later today: COURT OF APPEAL FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA Citation: Trinity Western University v. The Law Society of British Columbia, 2016 BCCA 423… More

BC Court of Appeal On TWU

It has just been announced that the B.C. Court of Appeal will be releasing its decision on the TWU case on November 1 at 9:35am Pacific.  This marks the final court of appeal to release its decision.  You may find a write up on the Nova Scotia Court of… More

Report on Regent Law School Symposium on Enumerated and Unenumerated Rights

It was my privilege to speak at the Regent Law Review Symposium.  The Regent Law Review celebrated 25 years at this event with special alumnus Justice Daniel Kelly. The former editors-in-chief over the 25 years were present. The symposium was organized to discuss the clash between “Enumerated and Unenumerated Rights.”… More