Why Discrimination Is Not Always Wrong

Discrimination is not always wrong. Rather, discrimination is like fire. In some contexts, it gives heat and sustains life. In other contexts, it kills. To say that all discrimination is wrong is a failure to appreciate the difference. Our lives are full of discriminatory acts. Perhaps the most instinctive discriminatory… More

A Referendum On Religious Freedom

What is the point of enshrining religious freedom in the Canadian Charter of Rights if you can call a referendum to take it away?  It would appear that the British Columbia Law Society—its benchers and membership—no longer see that irony in their animus against Trinity Western University’s Law School. In… More

UPDATE: Going Nuts in Nanaimo Over Chick-fil-A

UPDATE:  “Nanaimo City Council voted unanimously during a specially called July 3 meeting to rescind their earlier decision (read here and here). Mayor John Ruttan offered a formal apology, saying the May 5 motion was meant to prevent divisiveness and hate, but instead caused the opposite. The BC Civil Liberties Association wrote city… More

The Cold Chill of the Legal Profession’s Rejection of Religious Freedom

Cold winds blew on Trinity Western University’s (TWU) Law School last week. On Thursday April 24, the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) voted 28-21 against TWU’s accreditation. On Friday April 25, the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society (NSBS) followed Ontario’s leading and voted 10-9 to accept TWU only if it… More

BC Law Society Approves TWU Law School Graduates

The BC Law Society benchers voted 20-6 against a motion that would have seen TWU law school graduates not be able to practise law in BC.  The failure of that motion means that the Federation of Law Schools decision on December 16, 2013 to approve TWU stands. At first glance… More

Will Lawyers In Canada Soon Face A Religious Test? The Hypersensitive Response Over Canada’s First Openly Christian Law School

Introduction The hypersensitive response over Canada’s first openly Christian law school at Trinity Western University (TWU) has led to a demand (from some) that law societies across Canada not allow TWU law graduates to practise law – primarily because TWU, as a religious organization, holds and exercises religious beliefs concerning… More