Defining Moments

What matters more: personal conviction, or the praise of others? From my latest op-ed, Defining Moments: There are defining moments in everyone’s life. Often, those turning points are intensely personal and private. Sometimes, however, we are privileged to witness the uncompromising conviction of individuals who boldly take a public stand to defend what’s… More

Lie, or Lose Your Children

If you’re a parent, last weekend’s Easter celebrations likely included some coloured eggs and perhaps a chocolate bunny or two. Maybe your family replaced sugary treats with a scavenger hunt and some fun crafts. Or perhaps egg-painting inspired you to learn about different cultures (such as Ukrainian pysanky art) or… More

Minister Hajdu Says No to Changes This Year

This entry is part 19 of 24 in the series Canada Summer Jobs.

The Hon. Patty Hajdu, Canadian Minister of Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, has announced that the government is not going to back down on the attestation requirement for the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) application process. In a Huffington Post article, she was quoted as saying that the requirement had… More

Bussey Op-Ed: Keep your money. Our religious conscience is worth far more.

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Here is an excerpt of Barry’s recent National Post Op-Ed: Three young prisoners of war stood defiantly in the desert. They knew the consequences: they could literally feel the heat already. But when the music played, they refused to kneel. Their faith was even more precious than the golden statue… More

Canada Summer Jobs Motion is Defeated But The Issue Remains Very Much Alive

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Far from being a “kerfuffle,” the opposition from faith-based and other groups to the Canada Summer Jobs has become a real headache for the Government of Canada. On March 19, 2018, the government was required to vote on the Opposition’s motion to allow all applicants to apply without having to… More

Freedom or Funding: Intersection Moments

Check out Intersection Moments on YouTube this week, for video highlights on the Canada Summer Jobs program and how this situation relates to religious freedoms in Canada. In the first part of the series, host Barry W. Bussey explains the long legacy of religious rights in Canada. Those fundamental freedoms… More