Certification FAQs


Certification with CCCC is a powerful endorsement of a charity’s integrity. It demonstrates that the charity has been carefully assessed by CCCC’s rigorous certification process and found to be in compliance with CCCC’s Standards. Donors can give confidently and generously when they see CCCC’s Seal of Accountability on a charity’s website.


Any Christian organization that is a registered charity, complies with the CCCC Standards, and has been in operation long enough to have produced a 12-month audited financial statement and T3010. If you are not sure if you fully comply with the Standards today, you are welcome to submit your application for review and we will provide a detailed report and guidance to become certified.


Yes. Individual churches and denominational offices are welcome to apply for certified membership.


Inspire confident giving among your donors

As a Certified member, you’ll earn the right to display the Seal of Accountability on all your promotional materials. The Seal assures donors that you are operating with the highest standards of integrity.

Equip your staff with best practices to improve operations

Regular external reviews will provide your charity with detailed reports containing recommendations and best practices to help you improve your operations.

Demonstrate due diligence to your board

Certification assures your board that your charity is taking pro-active steps to improve operations, reduce risks, and obtain a comprehensive review from external professionals.

Connect with new donors who are eager to support Christian charities

As a Certified member, you’ll have the opportunity to create a customized profile on giveconfidently.ca, which is regularly promoted to potential donors.


The length of time it takes to certify depends on how quickly a charity is able to comply with the Standards of Accountability. It typically takes CCCC approximately three weeks to review the initial application and respond with a compliance report and possible recommendations. The timeframe from that point forward will depend on the outstanding requirements that need to be satisfied. If you have any questions, you can e-mail our Manager, Certification or call CCCC at 519-669-5137.


Check out the certification process, and if you have any questions, e-mail our Manager, Certification or call us at 519-669-5137. We’re here to help!


As a CCCC Certified member, you may display the Seal of Accountability on your website, in your charity’s promotional materials, or on inserts accompanying your donation receipts. CCCC provides downloadable print or web versions of the Seal. You may also download free promotional material to include with your donor newsletter or donation receipts.


See the steps for maintaining certification here, under the heading “Maintain Certification.” We want charities to achieve compliance, and we are here to help!


The application is available as a fillable PDF but must be printed and signed after it is completed.

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