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Risk & Asset Management

Risk management covers the practices, procedures, and policies used by charities to identify, reduce, and/or eliminate the potential damages or liabilities which can be expected to arise in the ordinary course of a charitys activities and operations.

Good risk management practices help an organization and its leadership to protect and advance its ministry. It does so by

  • safeguarding the organization’s reputation, credibility, staff, volunteers, and program participants;
  • preventing fraud, loss, or damage to property;
  • safeguarding future insurability;
  • avoiding interruptions to operations;
  • providing a positive testimony to the community by adhering to standards that are equal to or that exceed society's requirements;
  • demonstrating that charity leaders have exhibited due diligence and care on behalf of the organization; 
  • avoiding unnecessary litigation that can drain an organization's time and resources and draw the focus away from ministry.


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