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Human Resources

The field of Human Resources (HR) has undergone significant change since its early days, when it was known as the Personnel Department. HR has moved beyond simply being an administrative function focused on the completion of forms to being a strategic business partner with a seat at the leadership table.

Provinces such as Ontario have introduced legislation to regulate and increase the accountability of HR practitioners and to provide the public with a mechanism to make complaints in the event of professional misconduct.  

The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation has long been the Canadian standard for competence in the field of HR; however, Ontario has recently re-classified the CHRP as an entry level designation and has introduced a professional level designation called Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) and an Executive Level designation called Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE). The addition of these designations should help charities to more accurately assess competence and experience before engaging an external HR professional.

To assist our members in navigating our HR related resources, we have grouped our HR content into the categories below.  If you require help with a specific HR project or initiative, you may want to consider participating in our outsourced HR pilot program.


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