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Officers are people who are appointed by the board to carry out specified functions. Some officers are directors who are granted additional responsibilities on the board (such as chair and vice-chair), and others are senior members of a corporation's management team who report to the board (such as a CEO or executive director). Like all board members, officers serve the board, care for the legal existence of the organization, and contribute to the ongoing health of the organization. Subject to the charity's articles or by-laws, officers can generally occupy any position that the board wants them to fill, but typically, officers carry the following titles:

  • chair
  • vice-chair
  • secretary
  • treasurer
  • CEO (who may also have the job title of executive director, senior pastor, or general manager)

The chair and vice-chair must be drawn from the board, but the secretary and treasurer may or may not be board members. In the charitable sector, the CEO almost always is not a board member. 

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