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Gifts in Kind & Planned Giving

The phrases "planned giving" and "gift planning" are often interchangeable terms in estate and financial planning. All planned gifts fall within two categories: current or deferred.  The biblical process of planning charitable gifts takes into consideration an individual's stewardship objectives along with their personal, family, and tax planning circumstances.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) defines planned giving as occurring when a registered charity seeks to attract significant gifts by identifying potential donors and helping them with information and advice. Some examples of planned giving include

  • gifts-in-kind (non-cash gifts, such as real estate, equipment, or household items);
  • listed securities;
  • charitable gift annuities;
  • gifts of life insurance;
  • irrevocable trusts;
  • loan trust arrangements.

CCCC can receive publicly traded securities, convert them to cash, and forward the gift to other Canadian registered charities selected by the donor. For more information, please visit our Community Trust Fund page. 

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