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Governing Documents

A charity’s governing documents are generally established around the time it seeks charitable registration. These documents may be amended to update the objects of the charity, to transfer the charity from a trust to a corporation, or to transfer a corporation from one jurisdiction (e.g., province) to another.

The kind of governing document a charity has will determine the legislation and rules that apply to the charity’s day-to-day operations, amendments, or closure.The applicable legislation and rules may address

  • the minimum number of people required to take certain votes or hold certain meetings;
  • how members and directors are chosen and released;
  • requirements for amending the objects, the year-end, or name.

If your charity is incorporated, the following list provides quick links to the most common incorporating legislation across Canada and the federal or provincial incorporating authority you will need to contact if any changes to your incorporating documents or bylaws are required: Not-for-Profit Corporation Links

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