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HR Strategy

For time-pressed charities, HR can easily fall into the mode of “putting out fires” instead of being positioned in a more strategic and holistic way. Anyone who has ever had to respond to a harassment complaint understands the need to have a policy in place before a complaint is made.

Charities that intentionally align their HR strategy with the broader strategy of the organization will experience greater clarity in terms of defining the success of their HR initiatives and will consistently make better HR decisions. During the strategic planning process, it is critical to think about the HR requirements needed to make those strategic goals and objectives a reality. For example, a charity seeking to become an employer of choice may need to consider an employee engagement survey to better understand how staff members are currently thinking and feeling about the organization.

A big piece of a successful HR strategy is having the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time. This section will provide CCCC members with resources to help them become more proactive and intentional about their efforts in the area of HR strategic planning.

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