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Policies (General)

A policy is an organization’s official position on a certain subject, which should be consistent with its mission and values. The intent of a policy is to guide decisions and actions in a certain way by addressing what should happen and why. Policies differ from procedures in that procedures are usually a written explanation of how the organization wants something to be done. They are usually very specific and detailed.

Having policies is crucial both for the protection of the charity and for providing guidance to staff and volunteers about how the ministry wishes to conduct itself. Good policies also save time in the long run because they capture the high level decisions that allow organizations to delegate decision-making more effectively. 



Agency Agreement (html) (rtf)
Audit Review Committee - Sample Teleconference Agenda (html) (rtf)
Audit Review Committee Responsibilities (html) (rtf)
Benevolence Fund Policy (html) (rtf)
Board - Continuous Agenda Planning    (Last Reviewed:March 30, 2017) (html) (rtf)
Board - Ineligible Individual Declaration (html) (rtf)
Board Self-Assessment Tool    (Last Reviewed:March 24, 2017) (html) (xlsx)
Christian NGO's, Relief & Development, and Witnessing (html) (rtf)
Co-operative Participant and Trust Agreement (html) (rtf)
Conflict of Interest Policy (html) (rtf)
Consent Form for Recording Speaker Presentations (html) (rtf)
Donation Receipt Checklist (html) (rtf)
Donor Restricted Gift Policy (html) (rtf)
Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code (html) (rtf)
Ethics Policy (html) (rtf)
Field Trip Information (or) Recreational Activity Information (html) (rtf)
Fire Safety Plan (html) (rtf)
Gift Acceptance and Valuation Policy (html) (rtf)
Inter-Charity Gifts Policy (html) (rtf)
Investment Policy (html) (rtf)
Joint Ministry Agreement (html) (rtf)
Lifestyle and Morality Standards (html) (rtf)
Offering Count Sheet (html) (rtf)
Offering Counters - Confidentiality Agreement (html) (rtf)
Overseas Safety and Security Checklists (html) (rtf)
Parental Authorization for Minor Child to Temporarily Leave the Jurisdiction of Residency (html) (rtf)
Policy Format Template (html) (rtf)
Privacy Policy (html) (rtf)
Privacy Policy A (suited for larger ministries, denominational offices or larger churches) (html) (rtf)
Privacy Policy B (suited for affiliated churches, i.e., those in a denomination, conference, etc.) (html) (rtf)
Privacy Policy C (suited for non-affiliated churches and smaller ministries) (html) (rtf)
Program Evaluation - Moderately Complex Sample (html) (rtf)
Program Evaluation - Simplified Sample (html) (rtf)
Real Estate - Checklist for Accepting Gifts (html) (rtf)
Record Retention Periods Checklist (html) (rtf)
Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, and Assumption of Risks Agreement Form (html) (rtf)
Short-term Missions Policy (html) (rtf)
Short-term Missions Trip Application Form (html) (rtf)
Social Media Policy (html) (rtf)
Volunteer Screening - Confidentiality Agreement (html) (rtf)
Whistleblower Policy (html) (rtf)


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