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Meet the New CCCC!

We are changing to support you better.

On October 1st, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities officially becomes the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities. Our rebrand has been a process of viewing ourselves through the eyes of our most important audience – you, our members – to discover how we will best support your ministry in a complex world.


We have made two small changes to our name with big meaning – we are a centre for all Canadian Christian ministries. We are proud to present our new visual identity that represents CCCC and our members moving forward together, guided by our Christian faith, and ready to take on the complexities of ministry work.

A letter from our CEO

The CCCC brand is anchored by four Brand Pillar promise statements that represent the dominant traits of our ‘personality’ as an organization:


PROFESSIONAL - leaders, honest, courageous, trustworthy, credible


KNOWLEDGEABLE - informative, wise, advocates, practical, coaches, thorough, forward-thinking


ACCESSIBLE - responsive, helpful, dedicated, conscientious, approachable, reliable, collaborative,


CARING - empathetic, patient, compassionate, spiritual, encouraging, kind, supportive

Our Brand Personality

and Promise

Why did CCCC Rebrand?

  • What is a brand review, and why was it important?

    A brand review strengthens the alignment between our goals, the goals of our members; and how we present ourselves. The process includes assessing how we act, our language and messaging, value proposition, and our logo and visual identity.


    A strong brand helps us reach our audiences more efficiently and effectively. It clearly communicates who we are, what we do, and the value we bring. This strengthens our reputation and improves our ability to support our members and reach and welcome new members, all leading to a healthier CCCC for everyone.

  • Why did we feel the need to review the CCCC brand?

    Most brands are reviewed and adjusted every five to 10 years. Our brand had not been reviewed in 13 years. However, our philosophies, services and programs have changed in that time. Even before this year’s pandemic, we recognized that our members, like us, have been facing new and emerging challenges. We want to ensure we are presenting CCCC in the best possible way to help Christian ministries thrive in the face of these complex realities.

  • What was the process, and who was consulted?

    Our process included analysis of our strategic communications and marketing materials, both print and digital, by a professional branding company. The consultant also led engagement with our staff, board and members by way of in-person and telephone interviews, a focus group, and a survey that was completed by more than 600 members. Select non-members were also interviewed.


    Initial findings were discussed with CCCC senior managers and resulted in several clear recommendations to update our brand identity including a name change, updated messaging, and a fresh new logo.

  • What did we discover in the branding exercise?

    The exercise brought clarity in many areas including three key highlights:


    1.  Members see CCCC as an extension of their leadership team, an operations partner, and most especially, a co-pilot as we navigate through complex matters together.


    2.  Our name – Canadian Council of Christian Charities – was not accurate: we are not a council by definition as we do not govern or legislate. And, a small grammatical change provided further accuracy: we are the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities.


    3.  Our logo, font, colours, and symbols were dated and no longer fully represented our current brand ‘personality’ or positioned CCCC as a progressive, relevant partner in supporting ministries in a complex world.

  • What does the new logo mean?

    Our logo presents an energetic interpretation of our work supporting Canadian ministries today. Our symbol suggests movement and momentum; the many intersections between faith, service, and community; our diverse and textured Canadian culture; and a sense of calm and balance while still reflecting the ‘messiness’ of change.


    The colour palette includes our traditional blue, and is expanded to be vibrant, optimistic and joyful. The rounded, clean font communicates our accessibility and openness to embrace new challenges. The new logo also adopts current accessibility standards for individuals who are visually impaired.

  • Has our tagline changed?

    Yes, our tagline has changed from Advancing Ministry Together to Supporting ministries in a complex world. During our branding review, we asked members: as we walk alongside you, how are we valuable to you, and how can we best support you? We learned that you appreciate us providing you with clear guidance, resources, and spiritual support to help you navigate increasingly complex and difficult circumstances, and which affords you the freedom to focus on your ministry goals.

  • Will there be a change in our programs or services?

    Our end statement remains unchanged: CCCC members will be exemplary, healthy, and effective Christian ministries. Our core services you depend on will not change. In fact, we are expanding them to support you better. We are building the resources so that in time you will have a guided process for assessing and developing your ministry to become the ministry that our end statement envisions.


    For example, this fall members will discover a new website and knowledge base where it is easier to find the tools and resources you value to do your work most effectively. We continue to enrich The Green as a collaborative space where members and CCCC can share, learn and grow stronger together. The guidance we offer members now includes project management and corporate communications expertise. We will also soon introduce a new position to our staff team, a Digital Media Specialist, whose skills will help our members explore new ways to reach, engage, and support in ministry.

  • How long did the process take?

    Our strategic brand review occurred between October 2019 and January 2020. The logo, materials, and website redesign and rebuild took place between February and September 2020 and we will officially launch our new brand on October 1st, 2020! Please share your comments about the new brand by getting in touch with us by phone or email, or connect with us on The Green.

We have a new corporate logo and tagline.

We have a new logo for our Accreditation standards program (formerly called Certification) that will replace the “Seal of Accountability” on donor materials.

Our new logo for our Training Centre:

Our new logo for our online community The Green:

Our new logo for Christian Charity Jobs:

What logos are changing?

The Changing Face of Christian Ministry – A Year of Listening

Christian ministries are in a time of unprecedented change and challenge. Factors such as declining church attendance, shifts in volunteerism and fundraising, and evolving community needs (in part because of COVID-19) are re-shaping how church ministries are defining and branding their purpose, value and role in community, as well as expanding the delivery model for their social and pastoral services. To better explore and understand these complexities and set a clear path forward, in 2021 we will lead a series of exploratory conversations with our members and sector stakeholders to provide a full picture of the changing face of Christian ministries, with focused, actionable insights and directions for members.


1.  Explore how the identity of Christian ministries and servant leaders and the brands of faith-led organizations, are evolving and changing.

2. Identify new and innovative ways churches are positioning their ministries to serve their communities, welcome new congregants, and remain financially and socially viable and sustainable.

3.  Identify new and innovative approaches to marketing, fundraising, volunteerism, and resource development.

4.  Explore the role of collaboration between church and local organizations to meet the needs of the community while strengthening church reputation and sustainability.

The Green will serve as a central platform for these evolving conversations, and we will create several methods to engage with members including telephone discussions, town hall meetings, webinars, workshops and surveys.  We will be sure to share more details as this takes shape and look forward to your participation.

1.  Be clear about your strategic vision and purpose. Revisit that first if necessary. This will be the lens through which you will view your brand.

2.  Define your ‘personality’ and voice. Brainstorm adjectives you might use when describing how you act. In a collaborative process, narrow your list to three or four traits that most accurately define the ideal ‘you’.

3.  Evaluate your current brand. Do your name, materials, and messaging accurately represent your purpose, voice, and personality? Do they evoke the feeling you want? Is your logo professional and used consistently? (Consider retaining a graphic designer to support this step.)

4.  Ask your stakeholders. The people who interact with your brand know it best. Using various research methods, invite them to also define your personality and evaluate your current logo and look. Seek their honesty and advice.

5.  Write your brand story. Capture what you’ve learned in a succinct summary, then draft a narrative that tells the story of your purpose and value, written in your voice reflecting your brand’s personality. Have fun with it! Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

6.  Update your logo if necessary. Should your review determine that a new or updated name or logo is required, retain a graphic designer (avoid designing your own logo if this is not your expertise) and plan a creative development and review process.

7.  Communicate effectively. Create a communications plan to share the changes, ensuring internal alignment first and foremost with your brand personality, voice, and story, and helping external audiences understand how the changes better reflect your value to them.

What is included in a Brand Guide?

Check out the Table of Contents from CCCC's Brand Guide as an example.

Conduct Your Own Brand Review: 7 Steps

Special thanks to our branding partner, The Letter M Marketing.

We have learned a lot during our rebrand and
want to pass on some of our learnings to you.

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