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A year of discovery and clarity

Every day, I am inspired by the resiliency and creativity of our members as we face unprecedented challenges together. Thank you for your friendship, and for your trust in our partnership.


Even before the pandemic, at CCCC we were on a journey of exploration and discovery that started last fall as we initiated a strategic review of our brand. The purpose of this exercise was not just to update our name, or freshen up our logo, as much as we are delighted with the bold new look of CCCC.


Our branding review was a process of viewing ourselves through the eyes of our most important audience – you, our members – to discover how we best contribute to your personal and ministry health and well-being. It was God’s will that this activity intersected with a time of multifaceted change. It has been an opportunity for candid and meaningful conversations with you, and amongst our leadership at CCCC. For me personally, it was also an invitation for quiet reflection about how we can best support and strengthen you right now.


The exercise brought clarity and precision to our purpose at CCCC to see our members become exemplary, healthy and effective Christian ministries. Driven by our vision for Christian ministry, we boldly and actively use our knowledge base to help our members navigate through a complex and complicated world, towards enhanced organizational performance and greater mission fulfillment.


We have set out to develop new resources over the next few years so that you will have the guidance, tools and support you need to help advance your mission. We will persistently nudge both ourselves and our members to be our very best, guiding our respective organizations through a strategic process to assess every area of our ministry and operations against the latest knowledge, best practices, and current technological capabilities.


Most fundamentally, our ‘brand’ is about our love and care for you. We truly want to see you succeed in your mission. It is the heart of what drives our day-to-day work, shaping every one of our interactions with you, and the ideas, programs, and services we share with you in the hopes we will lighten your load, even a little.


It’s a responsibility we hold dearly, and never take lightly. We will be your support in this complex world. I invite you to learn more about our branding process, what we discovered, and how it will strengthen our ability to support you.


Finally, we are pleased to springboard this exercise into a year-long strategic conversation that we’re calling The Changing Face of Christian Ministry – A Year of Listening. As we listen and connect with you regarding your evolving needs, we will develop strategies and services to support you well. We will also continue to use our voice within the sector to strengthen Christian charities and bring attention to the issues that are important to you.


I look forward to these conversations in the year to come, and invite you to reach out to me at any time, about anything that is on your mind.




Rev. John Pellowe, CEO

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