Looking forward to great HR content at The Pursuit ’16!

Is The Pursuit’16 marked in your calendar yet? If you work in Christian ministry and have HR related responsibilities of any kind, The Pursuit ’16 is an event that you will definitely not want to miss.  Whether you are a seasoned manager, HR professional, or completely new to the field of HR, you are… More

Are one-to-one’s part of your leadership tool kit?

Are one-to-one conversations part of your leadership tool kit? Great leaders understand the value of having regular one-to-one conversations with their direct reports. Making time for these discussions sends a powerful message that leaders care about their people and are committed to enabling each team member to perform at their best.  There really… More

Churches are workplaces too

A surprise visit This summer, CCCC received a visit from a Ministry of Labour occupational health and safety inspector.  Of course this wasn’t a scheduled visit.  That’s the whole point.  They want to see what things are really like when you haven’t had a chance to prepare for an inspection. I… More

Ontario’s 2016 accessibility requirements: is your charity ready?

2016 accessibility requirements for charities with 1-49 employees Earlier this year, I received my e-newsletter from the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, reminding me of the upcoming January 1, 2016 requirements.  It states that businesses or not-for-profit organizations with 1-49 employees must: Train your staff on Ontario’s accessibility laws: Train all your employees and volunteers… More