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Speaking Topics

It is always a pleasure to speak to audiences who are interested in the same subject as I am.  My interest areas include:  law and religion; religious freedom; politics and religion; charity law; Christian organizations and their relations with the public, media, and other opinion makers; peace and reconciliation.  My approach is to convey content through the medium of stories.  I am a believer in stories.  Stories of triumph and tragedy are the foundations of our collective wisdom of what works and doesn’t work in our quest for meaning.  I seek to inspire and encourage audiences to recognize that they are a part of the human story and, as a result, they have a role in making the world a better place.   Feel free to contact me about a topic you would like me to speak on and let’s see if our mutual stories may connect.  Some ideas to consider:


  • Why The Law Should Protect Religion
  • A Matter of Conscience
  • Making A Difference One Person At A Time
  • Religious Citizens Have A Role To Play In Charity


  • The Pastor and The Law:  What every pastor ought to know about the law.
  • Religious Freedom and Conscience in Canada
  • Religion in Society:  Hostile environment or a case of misunderstanding?
  • Peace and Reconciliation: Blessed are the peacemakers – yes, but in church?

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