Charter Values Are Not Charter Rights By Another Name

“Charter values are not Charter rights by another name or in a different setting; they are a different juridical concept,” wrote Justice Bradley Miller in the recent Ontario Court of Appeal’s McKitty decision. This is but the latest criticism of the controversial use of “Charter values” in Canadian jurisprudence. “Charter… More

The Revolution or the Counter-Revolution?

In a recent blogpost, Professor Hans-Martien ten Napel responds to my observation that there is a legal revolution underway against the place of religion in Western societies. He offers a thoughtful review of my dissertation and raises some interesting questions regarding the European context. In my dissertation, The Legal Revolution… More

Bussey Quoted in Canadian Catholic News on Jobs funding

In a piece by Deborah Gyapong, Canadian Catholic News, Canadian Council of Christian Charities, Director of Legal Affairs, Barry W. Bussey was interviewed about the administration of the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) grants after it was revealed 403 groups were refused funding. Some 403 applications out of the 39,933 were… More

One Year Ago

One year ago, those of us in the religious freedom field were waiting with great anticipation the June 15, 2018 decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) concerning Trinity Western University’s (TWU) bid to have a law school. (One decision on the Law Society of BC’s refusal to accredit… More