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Christian Leadership Reflection’s most important posts as determined by John Pellowe.

The dark side of leadership

The traits that enabled you to become a leader are the same traits that can be your downfall. This is the dark side of leadership. The point is not that leaders have a dark side that others don’t. Everyone has a dark side, but when you are in leadership, particularly in the senior leader’s role, your dark side has the potential to wreak greater havoc than would be the case with most people simply because you have greater ability to affect people. As you rise through the leadership ranks acquiring more power and authority that you plan to use for good, your foibles from the dark side are also acquiring greater power to potentially do serious harm to yourself and others. More

Strategic Planning and the Holy Spirit

Does your commitment to strategic planning quench the Holy Spirit? Should a Christian ministry do strategic planning at all? A brief study of Paul’s second missionary trip will provide the answer. Paul’s Example Paul’s first missionary trip was very fruitful due to the many churches he planted in Asia. Good leadership and… More

“Why doesn’t God speak to me?”

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Hearing God speak.

The gist of Pastor Manoonsak’s sermon at Jai Samarn church in Bangkok was that when people ask why God doesn’t speak to them they are asking the wrong question. The real question is, “Why am I not listening when God is speaking?” No friendship will last long if one party is always talking and… More

A leader’s intimacy with God

My friend Marvin Brubacher invited me to teach a class at Heritage Seminary about the practical aspects of leading a ministry. At the end, he asked, “John, what one final thing do you want to tell these ministry leaders? The one piece of advice they must hear?” Without a moment’s hesitation, I said “Never, ever… More

Of kings and prophets: Ministry leaders and their critics

Ever get discouraged when ministry leaders don’t live up to your expectations of Christian behaviour? As an observer, how do you deal with that? The ideal believer lives a Christ-like life manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. Unfortunately, everyone is on a journey toward that ideal. We all fall short and we always will until God… More