Happy Giving Tuesday from CCCC!

Many people associate the holiday season with consumerism—Black Friday and Cyber Monday are designed to encourage people to spend more money and buy more things.

But what if there was a day set aside to encourage people to give generously and support charitable causes? Giving Tuesday (givingtuesday.ca) is designed to do just that! 

CCCC is excited to participate in today’s Giving Tuesday celebration. The importance of giving generously to those in need is a conviction that we hold as a Christian ministry, and helping donors to give confidently is part of our organization’s mission.

How do we help donors to give confidently?

Through our certification program, CCCC provides a Seal of Accountability to charities that demonstrate ongoing compliance with our Standards.

When you see the Seal of Accountability, there are five key characteristics that you, as a donor, can expect:

  1. Accountability. Charities that display the CCCC Seal of Accountability hold themselves accountable to Christ, to governing authorities, to CCCC, to donors, and to the public.
  2. Transparency. Certified charities agree to provide a copy of their most recent audited financial statements to anyone who requests them.
  3. Excellence. The Seal of Accountability distinguishes charities that have demonstrated that they follow a commitment to excellence in resource management, donor relationships, program evaluation, and governance.
  4. Respect. Certified charities recognize that their donors are people. They commit to respecting the interests and dignity of the donor in every interaction.
  5. Responsiveness. A charity that displays the Seal of Accountability will welcome your questions, respect your complaints, and provide prompt answers.

CCCC’s directory of Certified members contains information about Canadian Christian charities that comply with our Standards of Accountability. You can browse by ministry name, location, or focus.

We encourage Canadian donors to join thousands of people around the world as they celebrate Giving Tuesday (givingtuesday.ca) and give confidently and generously to the causes they care about!