Insights to Impact: An important gathering for ministry leaders

Insights to Impact. For Leaders of Christian Churches & Organizations. Coming to a city near you.

Insights to Impact is a 30-city tour taking place across Canada from February to May 2019.

The tour is a collaboration of national organizations, including us, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, and Alpha Canada, Ending Poverty Together, the Global Leadership Summit, and a network of national student ministries.

At these gatherings for church, ministry, and charity leaders, some sponsoring organizations will

  • present new data on the activities and trends of Christian ministries in each city;
  • introduce a new data-driven search engine called WayBase, which has profiles for 27,000 Christian ministries across Canada (including yours); and
  • show how working together can have a measurable impact on your community.

Go to to see the full list of cities and dates and to register to attend.