Congratulations, Red Rock Bible Camp!

By demonstrating integrity and complying with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Red Rock Bible Camp has earned the right to display the Seal of Accountability.

Christ Centered Discipleship
Red Rock Bible Camp is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian camp which was founded in 1947 and operates year round. Their eight weeks of summer camp programs cater to children and youth from grade three to twelve.

Outdoor Education provides an opportunity for school groups to benefit from the unique educational opportunities the camp setting and resources provide and to introduce children to recreational activities that often become a life long pursuit.

Retreat rentals provide an opportunity for church groups to get away for times of refreshment, renewal and relationship building.

Red Rock retreats focus on building strong families through Mother and Daughter, Father and Son and Family Camps. Their Counselor In Training Program focuses on growing disciples of Christ and developing Christian leaders.

Red Rock Bible Camp is a not-for-profit organization, a member of Christian Camping International, an accredited member of the Manitoba Camping Association, and now a certified member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities!

Built On The Rock is their Trademark: This is true in a physical and spiritual sense, and reflects the uniqueness of Red Rock Bible Camp. The camp is located in a beautiful setting on Red Rock Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park surrounded by Pre-Cambrian red granite rock. It is truly a beautiful site unlike any other. The camp is also built on “The Rock” who is Jesus Christ.

Their goal is to make Red Rock Bible Camp a twenty-four hour a day Christ centered environment.

Their Mission: Red Rock Bible Camp exists to provide Christ Centered discipleship. To say it another way, they are changing our world one life at a time by making and growing disciples of Christ through Christian camping.

Their Vision: To set the bar of excellence for Christian camping in Manitoba through their board and staff, leadership training, camping programs and facilities for the glory of God.

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