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Leadership is change. You don’t lead people to the status quo, you lead them to someplace new. One of the key themes I’ve picked up from visiting ministries over the last year is that many of them are engaged in a significant change process. Across Canada, Christian ministries are rethinking their missions and strategies. This is really healthy and I get the feeling that Christian agencies, in particular, are entering a new era of ministry.

This observation led me to design a conference that will help ministry leaders bring fresh, new thinking to their strategic plans. The theme of the CCCC conference is kainos (k-eye-nos), a Greek word that means ‘fresh opportunity.’ There is a wind of newness blowing across the land and I find that very exciting.

I would love to see every person on the senior leadership teams of Christian ministries at the conference, but I reluctantly acknowledge that that might be unrealistic! However, I would be remiss not to ensure that you are aware of the fabulous people who are speaking at the conference this year who will guide you through a corporate renewal.

  • John Stackhouse Jr. of Regent College will open the conference reminding us of how the church has innovated throughout history with his topic Renewed and Ever Renewing
  • Don Simmonds, president of Crossroads Christian Communications, will share his experiences with organizational renewal in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds
  • Jerry White, President Emeritus and Chair Emeritus of the U.S. Navigators, will end the conference speaking about The Elusiveness and Power of Calling and the Personal Renewal that Keeps us Going.
  • Brian Cooper, associate dean at Mennonite Brethren Seminary Canada, will challenge us each day with the biblical-theological foundation for ministry renewal entitled:
    • God of creation and re-creation
    • God of renewal
    • God of surprises

As for workshops, well all I can say is, we are bringing you the best people to guide your leadership team through change and renewal.

  • Getting the Leaders Ready for Renewal
    • Steve Brown: Personal Readiness to Lead Change
    • Jerry White: The Guardrails on the path of Success – The private life of a Christian leader
    • Darrell Peregrym: Elements of a High Performance Leadership Team
  • Getting the Organization Ready for Renewal
    • Larry Nelson and Rachel Leng: Organizational Assessments – How they improve performance
    • James Galvin: New Perspectives on Strategic Planning
    • John Reed: Entropy – The Silent Killer, and Intercepting Entropy
    • Vic Murray: Moving Your Board from Good to Great: 9 Elements of Board Effectiveness
  • Renewal and Change
    • Owen Charters: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Future of Fundraising
    • Stacey Corriveau: Social Enterprise 101 – Understanding it and moving forward, and Venture Selection – Choosing the best social enterprise idea for your charity
    • Terry Carter and Barry Bussey: Mission Drift and Corporate Objects
    • Bob Kuhn and Ian Moes: For Love or Lucre – Structuring charities and nonprofits for the future
    • An entire track of six workshops on using new technologies to promote your ministry!

It’s an outstanding line-up and I sure hope that if you are interested in organizational renewal I’ll see you next week in Vancouver!! It’s not too late to register.

And, to pay for all the new things you want your renewed ministry to do, there is the brand new Advancing Stewardship II course being offered by CCCC in November that will help you raise money. Executive directors and fundraising staff will gain valuable ideas in this course. There’s no prerequisite for attending and it has been accredited by CFRE for both initial application for the designation and continuing education. The topics in this two-and-a-half day course are:

  • Module 1 – Cultivating a Culture of Generosity
  • Module 2 – Fundraising & Liability
  • Module 3 – Giving Channels & Approaches
  • Module 4 – Charitable Gifts, Grants & Services in Canada
  • Module 5 – Fundraising Events
  • Module 6 – Gift-in-Kind Donations
  • Module 7 – Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness
  • Module 8 – Legal Statutory Provisions affecting Fundraising
  • Module 9 – Stewardship & Online Communication

What are you doing to stimulate creative leadership for your ministry? These are two great opportunities to stir things up! Position yourself for fresh opportunity.

I’ll be at both. Hope to see you there.


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