A new tool for finding Christian ministries to support

Image of the home page of the new donor website at giveconfidently.ca

The new donor website at giveconfidently.ca

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities has launched a brand new website dedicated to helping Christian ministries acquire new donors. It is located at www.giveconfidently.ca.

Finding good charities to give to

David Johnson, Director of Certification at CCCC, says “Certified charities work hard to obtain (and keep) the Seal of Accountability by complying with high standards. The new website is a wonderful way to showcase charities that have demonstrated a commitment to integrity.” We wanted to find a way to celebrate and promote these worthy charities and help them secure additional support. The new website helps in  several ways:

  1. Donors can find out different ways of giving (including RRIFs and RRSPs, bequests and securities)
  2. Donors can learn how to evaluate a charity and find out why giving to a CCCC-Certified charity can help them give confidently and generously
  3. CCCC Certified members can create profiles, including information about the ministry and links to video, annual reports, volunteer opportunities, and contact info. Donors can also ask a question which will go directly to the charity.
  4. Donors can find charities to support in several ways:
    1. They can search by charity name
    2. They can search by country (or province in Canada)
    3. They can search by ministry focus, such as evangelism
    4. They can combine these searches

Charity Standards

Here are the nine standards that Certified members adhere to in order to be worthy of receiving the Seal of Accountability from CCCC:

  1. They are a Christian ministry.
  2. They have an independent, active governing board.
  3. They have audited financial statements.
  4. They publicly disclose their financial statements.
  5. They have a board committee that provides oversight to the financial audit.
  6. They pursue the highest standards of integrity.
  7. They commit to an ethical fundraising policy.
  8. They evaluate their programs for effectiveness and efficiency.
  9. They follow a code of accountability.

If you’d like your Christian ministry to be Certified, here’s where you can find more information.

Thoughts on A new tool for finding Christian ministries to support

    1. John PelloweJohn Pellowe Post author

      Hi James,

      Somehow I missed your comment, so sorry for the delay in responding. CCCC is not a granting organization. We do not financially support other ministries. We do provide a Seal of Accountability to help other ministries raise money, and that is what the giveconfidently.ca website is about – highlighting those Certified ministries.

      Blessings on you and your church.

  1. gospel2reach

    Dear JOHN,

    Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ,

    We are from Gospel2reach ministries in INDIA. We are sharing the gospel at rural villages provide practical care and social work to the people and reaching the unreached people.
    When I see your website it’s encourage me alot. We have vision to take this gospel to the nations by making partnership with other ministries.

    We appreacate your work and vision in the website. Please help us how to be certified our ministry.

    You can see our ministry work in india through below website and also contact us on website.

    We would love to hear from you.

    In his Grace

  2. Mwesigwa Edward Benjamin

    Blessings to you all and thanks for the Ministry the Lord has entrusted you with. Whereas your concentration is in Canada, what you are doing impacts on the whole world. May the Almighty God Bless you so much. Amen

  3. Ghanshyam Baghel

    Warm greetings in the name of Jesus
    Sir, I am from India, I have been working christian ministry since 1996 , I have desire to become missionary in your state. Do you have any opportunity to come and join your ministry.

    1. John PelloweJohn Pellowe Post author

      No, I’m sorry, we don’t. We are not a mission agency, but a ministry that helps other ministries. Your best opportunity I believe is to be sent by a church or ministry in India that wants to work in Canada.

  4. Pastor.Johnson Georgekutty

    Praise the Lord
    Dear Sir am Pastor Johnson Georgekutty,from India,ministering among non-christians,can u help us?

  5. Pastor James K Waiya

    Iam seeking prayers and charity assistance for poor families kids so that they may be educated,food,clothing and any other essential needs.Iam planting Ebenezer Church in Ruiru region in Kenya.Your prayers and assistance in any possible way will be appreciated and let me hear from you

  6. Deepak Pariyar

    God has given me a burden and a vision to start a Praise and Worship Center in Nepal. I have been praying for more than nine years and still praying for it. It’s my first time ever written to someone for support. I am praying and searching a donor who can support this center. This center mainly focuses to teach on the importance of Biblical Praise and Worship and the role of Music in the Church. Is there any ministries or donors who can support?
    Hope to hear soon. With kind regards
    Deepak pariyar

    1. John PelloweJohn Pellowe Post author

      Hi Deepak. Your best option is to Google “Canadian church planting ministry” and look through the results. The first four pages or so (I haven’t looked further than that) show a number of ministries here in Canada that plant churches in Canada and overseas. You can check with them to see their interest in supporting a missionary in Nepal. Blessings, John

  7. J.S Bhutia

    REV John,
    It is wonderful contribution for ministries and churches in Canada. Kindly pray the body of Christ in India , Nepal and Bhutan could initiate something like this within ourself and extend help to each other interns transparency, integrity, management and accountability. Many individual and donors are afraid to donate their genuine help due to mistrust lacking all above things. Please please pray that our people learn to trust God, walk in His Principle where outcome will be prosperity in spirit, soul and body.
    We also need mentors of fatherly heart who will correct the people and lead in godly ways. May God bless you abundantly.


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