We’re moving to a new URL

John in a small plane

This is me flying. My pilot son, Harley, is right beside me making sure I do everything right!

I want you to come fly with me to the blog’s new location. On September 3rd, CCCC launches its brand new website! I’m sooo excited! Although the CCCC’s website URL will still be cccc.org, the blog’s URL must change.

For you, the move should be seamless. I will be publishing a post around lunchtime that day, so if you get it you’ll know that everything with the move went well. Here’s what is supposed to happen:

  • Today is the last post until September 3rd. This gives our tech team time to copy everything over to the new site.
  • The new URL is cccc.org/john
  • You can still use your bookmarks for cccc.org/blogs/john and you will be redirected to the new site
  • If you have an RSS feed, you should still get the posts as usual
  • If you subscribed by email, we will transfer the email list to the new site, so nothing should change for you
  • If you want to find the blog manually, go to our beautiful new home page, find and click on News & Blogs at the middle of the top navigation bar and you will be on the News &Blogs home page. On the right hand navigation bar, you will see a link to this blog, Christian Leadership Reflections, and it will take you to my blog’s new home page.

If you don’t receive the September 3rd post, then you will have to re-subscribe to the RSS or email feeds.

Unfortunately, if you subscribed to follow specific comments we cannot set you up again. There is no way to tell which comments you are following, so you’ll have to subscribe to those again.

That’s it! I hope you continue with your virtual visits because I enjoy your company through your emails and comments.

A visit in the real world?

Just like our website, our office is not moving. In fact, here’s an aerial picture I took of it.


Aerial shot of the CCCC office

The CCCC global headquarters. Yes folks, it all happens right here, in the building inside the black box that is.

If you are ever over Elmira, feel free to drop in! When I’m around, I always enjoy meeting people.

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