Healthy Church Boards

CCCC has produced a special edition of the CCCC Bulletin called Healthy Church Boards. This complimentary resource includes fantastic content designed specifically to strengthen boards in the local church. We are offering this as a complimentary resource that may be shared widely.

Here’s an overview of what’s inside this edition:

  • Basic Duties and Responsibilities of a Director
  • Creating Effective Board Committees
  • Taming Conflict at the Board Table
  • Understanding and Reading Financial Statements
  • The Unique Challenges of Church Boards
  • What Should be Included in the Board Minutes
  • Conflict of Interest: A Matter of Integrity
  • Facing the Risk: Liability Insurance 101 for Church Leaders

It is available in pdf and e-mag format.

Thoughts on Healthy Church Boards

  1. Esther Yu, North York (Chinese) Baptist Church

    Is it possible to obtain 20 copies of the Healthy Church Boards Bulletin for our church Board? Please let me know. Thanks.

      1. Esther Yu, North York (Chinese) Baptist Church

        Thanks John for the reply. I’ll do it as per instructions. Have a nice weekend1


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