CCCC’s new conference: The Pursuit ’16

The Pursuit: Challenging Boundaries

I am super excited to announce that today you can now register for CCCC’s NEW conference!!!

Not the same old, same old

I’ve attended lots of conferences over the years – some ordinary, some better than ordinary, and some exceptional; but within days of coming home the binders are just sitting on shelves or in drawers and the demands of work take over, and good ideas from the conference mostly remain just good ideas. There has to be a better conference design that will make my investment in attending the conference continue to have significant impact long after the conference itself is over.

So we took a year off by cancelling the 2014 CCCC conference. We reconsidered the whole purpose of a conference, and we reinvented the experience of attending a conference from the ground up.

You’re going to love the result!

We came up with a conference design that is bold, radical , and new. Our new conference is designed from top to bottom to be an amazing experience for attendees, for speakers, and for exhibitors. We’ve done everything we can to help you walk away with a specific action plan. And we moved what would have been the September 2015 conference to April 2016.

The stage is set, the speakers are booked, the website is functional. We are ready!!

Are you?

Pursuit date

The Big News

A lot of things are new about the conference, but here are the really big “news”:

  • It’s no longer ‘just’ the CCCC conference.
    • We’ve merged three conferences this year:
      • Ours
      • The Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS)
      • The Ecumenical Stewardship Center
    • It’s officially endorsed by four denominations and seven Christian associations. If you belong to any one of them and are not a CCCC member, you still get a discount!
      • Associated Gospel Churches
      • Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges
      • BFM Foundation
      • Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec
      • Canadian Christian Business Federation
      • Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association
      • Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada
      • Christian Higher Education Canada
      • Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
      • Seventh Day Adventist Church in Canada
      • Youth for Christ Canada
    • Do you want to get in on the action? If you would like to endorse the conference, you still can. Just use the ‘Email us‘ button and let me know. If you’d like to discuss merging one of your meetings into this conference for 2017, let me know that too.
  • It’s a year round experience now
    • As soon as you register, you can start viewing video lessons from the workshops, download handouts and anything else provided by the presenter.
    • As long as the material is current, you can keep coming back to the videos later, even if you didn’t attend the related workshop.
  • New learning formats
    • Yes, there are still worship times, devotionals, plenaries and workshops, but we also have…
      • Rapid Fire sessions – three different speakers, three different topics, one related theme – for those who want it fast and furious, we switch speakers every 20 minutes in a one hour session.
      • Storytelling sessions – for those who want to be inspired by personal stories from ministry leaders as they share their deepest, most significant learning experiences with great testimonies of God’s goodness in their times of need.
      • Peer Learning sessions – we’ve no idea what these sessions will be about. We’ve left space for you to say “Hey, I’ve got something people need to hear! Give me some time!!” Each session will have a theme, and after you register, you can apply to do a twelve-minute presentation. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll be listed in the program, and the more likely you’ll have a good audience.
      • Knowledge Pods – sit with an expert or two and ask whatever you want! This is for people who know what they want to learn and want to get right to the point, quickly!
      • Jam sessions – at the end of each day, take a few minutes to meet with people in similar jobs to yours and share your best ideas from the day. See what you missed that you might want to catch later on the conference website. Have a discussion about how to implement some of the big ideas of the day. Write your action plan for what you’ll do when you return.

Other news

We’re really pumped about many other innovations we’ve made.

  • Want to be sure your question is answered? There is a button for every workshop speaker that allows you to contact them before the conference and tell them what you’ll be asking.
  • Take the Ministry Hop. London Ontario is home to many ministries and churches, and we’ve got a bunch who are having open houses Friday afternoon after the conference closes. Go and see what others are doing and be inspired! Need transportation? No problem. Let us know and we’ll arrange it.
  • Want to take notes that you won’t lose and that you can organize in one place? We’ve got a great website feature for you. Bring your mobile device and use our free wi-fi to access our conference site that has a customized account for you. Every session has a place where you can take your notes, edit them later, and then save, print or email them. We also have a place on your personal conference page to keep general notes for yourself.
  • Want to collaborate or carry on a discussion with others? Great, because each learning session also has a discussion board for that session that everyone can post to.
  • With over 60 workshops, how can you decide which six you want to attend live? I’m glad you asked! By the end of March, all of them will have 20 minute videos on the website that give the main content of the workshop. When you go to the workshop, you’ll get much more depth, more illustrations, and so on. But this way, you get the main ideas from every workshop whether or not you attend it. How good does it get!!! (Just be sure to watch the videos for the sessions you do attend before you go, because that content won’t be repeated at the live workshop.)
  • With 60 workshops and 40 other learning sessions, you might forget which ones you want to attend, so go to the online schedule, and by clicking the radio button beside the session title, you’ll build a “My schedule” that you can refer to on your mobile device at the conference. Don’t forget to use the “Update schedule” button to save your selections!
  •  Want to meet people?
    • Join the “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” optional event on Tuesday night. We’ll book you a seat at a restaurant of your choice, and you’ll find out who your dinner mates are when they arrive.
    • Come to the Tuesday evening reception after you’ve had dinner.
    • Take part in the fun and games.
      • You’ll need a mobile device that can take and upload pictures for one of the games. The prize for this game is an iPad, so it’s worth snapping some pictures that will involve meeting new people.
      • We’ll have some fun games that you can play ‘pick up’ style with whoever is nearby.
    • Come to the Jam sessions at the end of each day.
  • Want entertainment?
    • Come to our free Movie & Popcorn night.
    • Come to the banquet to see the Covenant Players in action.

It’s going to be a blast and it will expand your horizons. Our three plenary speakers are outstanding and will challenge your paradigm about doing ministry in Canada.

Pursuit promo

Find out more at I hope to see you there! If you read this blog, come and introduce yourself to me!!!

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