The Pursuit conference for Christian Fundraising

The Pursuit: Challenging Boundaries

The old CCCC conference has been merged with two other conferences to become Canada’s new gathering place for Christian ministry leaders, especially fundraisers and stewardship consultants, The Pursuit will be held in London, Ontario from April 27-29, 2016. The Pursuit’s innovative conference design allows your learning to begin online as soon as you register, and it continues for a full year. So sign up now to maximize the value and come to London prepared to challenge your boundaries!

Here are some offerings.

Serving the High Net Worth Donor with Tim Jenkins

The partnership of effective ministries and affluent Christians can create powerful synergies to impact a hurting world. This workshop will help ministries understand the world of affluent Christians and learn how to serve them well. We will discuss the most common issues that they face and how to build relationships with them. We’ll finish by outlining the unique value ministries can bring to these Christians and review some practical and powerful resources.

The Rebranding, Rebuilding, and Reconnecting of Ray of Hope with Harry Whyte

Responding to the need and opportunity to change has been at the heart of Ray of Hope’s story for the past 8 years. In this session we will share how our volunteer base grew to over 2,500, how our donor base grew from 1,200 to 8,000, and how donations grew from $200,000 to over $1,000,000 per year in a 5 year period. We will share what worked, what didn’t, and what is still to be done.

Growing Givers’ Hearts in Good Economic Times and Bad with Rebekah Basinger

When money is tight (which is most of the time for most ministries), slowing down to focus on God at work in donors’ hearts can seem a luxury. However, growing givers’ hearts is a best practice in bad times as surely as in the good. In this session, we will review the principles of fundraising as ministry and share strategies for encouraging God’s work in givers’ hearts, regardless the economic climate.

Planned Giving—What Donors Don’t Know with Jan Kupecz

Gifts and estate planning is an essential tool to help donors give in the most effective way possible. Unfortunately, much of the information available to donors from the charities they support presumes the donor knows more than they actually do. If we are sincere in our desire to help our donors maximize their giving with planned gifts, we need to know what the gaps are in their understanding and be ready to communicate appropriately.

We’re Not Overhead: Connecting head office to frontline ministry with Tim Coles

We’re not overhead!  Head office admin teams and support staff often get labeled as “overhead,” but they are actually very important contributors to the overall mission of your organization. The problem is, they don’t often see themselves that way. In this workshop we will help your staff discover their own critical link to the “frontline” and how they help accomplish the mission of your organization.  This workshop will be especially valuable for support staff who are required to raise missionary funding for their positions. You’re not just the office team–you’re a vital part of the whole ministry team!

Planned Giving Requires Planned Receiving with Dori Zerbe Cornelson and Marlow Gingerich

If a donor wants to give your organization a significant gift, do you have a plan in place? What options do you have available for donors to give financial support? Can you help them build a legacy while maximizing their support of your organization? When that big gift comes, will you be ready? Come and explore best practices to help you prepare for planned, often larger, gifts.

Excelling in Generosity: Moving from Tithes and Offerings to Planned Gifts with Herb Gale

More and more congregations are struggling with dwindling resources, both human and financial, to support their life and mission. This workshop will examine how an intentional focus on the stewardship of accumulated assets can enable congregations to support their present and long-term ministry goals. Using real-life examples, the workshop will demonstrate the biblical and theological bases for a broader understanding of financial stewardship and offer practical steps for developing a planned giving ministry in your congregation.

What Paul Taught Me about Church and Money with Lori Guenther Reesor

How does your church’s theology line up with its budget? This workshop looks at three models of giving informed by Paul’s Collection for Jerusalem. A church’s theology of giving will influence everything you do; it’s well worth taking some time to articulate it! This is a jargon-free workshop given by a passionate proponent of joyful giving.

Navigating Finances God’s Way: Understanding God’s Economy with Raymond Borg (Exhibitor Product Demonstration by Compass Canada)

What does “God’s economy” mean, and how does it relate to you? It is a term rarely heard of, even less so, understood. Take the opportunity to gain an understanding of this important concept and your role in it. Discover how Compass Canada and its resources can help you shape this worldview for yourself or your ministry.

Digital Donors, Social Media, and Online Giving with Paul Nazareth

Who can deny that the world has gone digital? What are the current tools and trends that we can use in the Christian fundraising community both online and offline? This session will break down how donors have gone digital, how faith communities can use digital communication in their ministry, where social media fits into giving, and resources for the world of philanthropy that go beyond weekly offerings.

Mobile and Web Giving Solutions with Dean Sweetman

This workshop will focus on the WHY and HOW of fundraising in the 21st century. The WHY is simple: people don’t carry cash or checks anymore, especially the under 35 crowd. But they never leave their smartphones out of sight! The HOW is even easier. With apps, text giving, and simple website buttons, churches and charities can now put the power to give in the hands of members and contributors. Giving anywhere and any time is a reality. When you remove the barriers, people who love your mission will give generously and often.

Harnessing the Power of Crowdfunding with Joyce Hsu and Matthew Couto

Over the last decade, the rise in crowdfunding has transformed the fundraising experience. Can crowdfunding really raise a lot of money for your cause? The answer is yes—if you do it properly. In this session, we will discuss how to carve out a tangible funding opportunity, compel supporters with great stories, choose the right crowdfunding platform, and more.

Surviving, Thriving, and Doing Good: New Approaches for Small to Mid-Sized Ministries with Rebekah Basinger

For the majority of small to mid-size ministry organizations, financial vitality seems an impossible dream. Yet God calls us to lives of abundance, both personally and organizationally. In this session, we will look beyond our time-worn fundraising models to new approaches that can set your organization free to thrive and do even greater good.

Donor Management Software with Bradley Olsthoorn (Exhibitor Product Demonstration by Silent Partner Software)

Silent Partner Software has been helping non-profit organizations since the early 1990s, more recently Silent Partner Software has been developing and deploying donation, donor and staff management solutions to complex and deputation non-profits.

Building Communities: Increasing Online Engagement and Awareness with Joyce Hsu and Matthew Couto

With new social media platforms emerging every day, it can be tempting to try to be everywhere at once, but it’s important for charities to be strategic about the specific audiences they’re trying to reach (hint: “all Canadians” doesn’t count!) This session will help you to build an online community through social media channels and keep your community engaged by creating and curating great content.

Developing Your Ethical Fundraising Toolbox with Valerie Campbell and Paula Curtis

Too many fundraisers don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to ethics. Whether you are a volunteer or on staff, the “Fundraising Ethics Toolbox” will equip you with resources, guiding principles, best practices, and a decision-making framework for working through challenging issues. You will examine a number of cases, learn about the trends in fundraising ethics, and leave equipped, knowledgeable, and confident to make good choices that are aligned with your Christian values.

Best Practices for Giving in Churches with Lori Guenther Reesor

Few people carry much cash or a chequebook, and people are attending church less frequently. How does the church respond? This workshop focuses on the nuts and bolts of church giving: offering, online giving, planned giving, and narrative budgeting. Questions welcomed and resource suggestions included.

From $5M to $15M in Ten Years: How We Did It with Darren Pries-Klassen

Those of us in the charitable sector are as innovative and hard working as they come, but sometimes we lack clarity in our work. Without clarity, we get complacent, which can rob us of passion and funds. In this workshop, Darren Pries-Klassen will share the key things Mennonite Foundation of Canada did to clarify their purpose and passion, which tied directly to their growth. Learn how you can incorporate this approach in your own ministry.

Changing Landscape: Giving Trends in Canada with Darren Pries-Klassen

Charitable giving in Canada is evolving. Donors have increasingly diverse expectations of charities, and they’re asking us to prove ourselves with metrics that miss the mark. This workshop will help you understand the current and future charitable landscape and consider ways you can engage donors more fully with your mission. Your organization can be “top of mind” too, but it takes work to ensure your message and your cause will be received well.

Measuring your Social Impact with Bradley Olsthoorn

Every non-profit struggles with measuring and quantifying their impact on those they serve. Come and join Silent Partner Software in a discussion on different ways to do so. Listen in to some exciting new concepts we’ve learned from working with a Toronto-based non-profit serving urban youth and find out how they are measuring their impact.

6 Capacity Areas for Non-Profit Organizational Development with Clayton Rowe

This workshop will guide you through six capacity areas of non-profit organizational development: Strategy, Resource Development, Finance, Human Resource Development, Program, and Leadership Team. During this workshop you will be given a tool to assess your present level of development and to draft an action plan for growing your organizational health and stability.

Pitfalls in Drafting Gifting Agreements with Terrance Carter

A gift agreement is one of the basic fundraising tools used by churches and charities in order to support their ministries but often results in problems concerning its enforceability interpretation as a result of errors in the original drafting of the gift agreement that could have been avoided. This session will guide churches and charities through some basic questions and issues to consider when drafting a gift agreement in order to identify and avoid common pitfalls that could otherwise undermine the integrity of the agreement. Practical examples will be provided, as well as time for interactive discussion.

Rapid Fire – 3 Best Ideas in an Hour

The Value of a Good Story, and How to Make It Stick with Mike Strathdee

When it comes to communication, Mennonite Foundation of Canada has found that the “less is more” approach (fewer images and even fewer words) works well. In this session you will discover how this approach to engagement leads to more significant conversations. Learn how to use anecdotes and personal stories to connect with your audience on a personal and emotional level.

Unintended Barriers to Giving: Releasing People to New Levels of Generosity with Doug Fordham

Far too often churches erect and protect barriers that inhibit people from doing what they really want to do—that is, be more generous. Whether this is done intentionally or unintentionally, it’s frustrating for both the ministry and the donor. Here’s some practical help to identify and remove those barriers and replace them with tools that facilitate and encourage generous giving.

Faith-Based Fundraising: Major, Planned, and Digital Giving with Paul Nazareth

Universities and hospitals employ thousands of fundraisers and have big marketing departments to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. We in the Christian fundraising sector have a much more powerful resource—God and the Holy Spirit. In this session Paul will share how faith and community can beat the well-funded secular fundraising machines if we adapt to today’s technology and strategy.

Rapid Fire – 3 Best Ideas in an Hour

Finishing Well with Tim Jenkins

Saul and David were both hand-picked and anointed by God to fulfill His purposes, yet God rejected Saul and established David as king. Saul finished in disaster; David finished with his confidence strong in God. Many have proven that it is possible to follow God’s call on your life, but end up in disaster. This session looks at the key differences between David and Saul to help us finish well.

Dock the Ship and Focus on the Steward with Scott Rodin

We spend too much time talking about stewardship and not enough time talking about the life and calling of the faithful steward. We will look at five implications of this problem and how we can refocus on the journey of the faithful steward that results in a life of freedom and joy.

Stewardship: What Is It? with Lorne Jackson

Stewardship is not about giving, tithing, building funds or any of these things. Because after the faith decision everything we do becomes stewardship. Am I a “faithful steward” or am I too busy trying to raise my personal standard of living to worry about being manager of God’s resources? What about debt is there such a thing as good debt and bad debt and what does God’s word have to say about it? Come and learn this and more.

Knowledge Pod – Stewardship with Jack Borchert

Grab a cup of coffee and join a small group for a casual discussion on stewardship. Jack Borchert will lead the conversation and answer your questions.

Knowledge Pod – Fundraising with Dori Zerbe Cornelson

Grab a cup of coffee and join a small group for a casual discussion on fundraising. Dori Zerbe Cornelsen will lead the conversation and answer your questions.

Jam Session (each day) – Stewardship

Gather together with others interested in fundraising to share the best thing you learned during the day from any keynote or learning session. A facilitator will you help you get started with developing a few key themes, and you can discuss how you might implement the new ideas in your ministry. Jam sessions are a great way to re-cap, de-brief, and swap notes with others in your field.

Jam Session (each day) – Fundraising

Gather together with others interested in fundraising to share the best thing you learned during the day from any keynote or learning session. A facilitator will you help you get started with developing a few key themes, and you can discuss how you might implement the new ideas in your ministry. Jam sessions are a great way to re-cap, de-brief, and swap notes with others in your field.

How to register

For the full conference schedule and to register, visit  today to take advantage of early bird pricing, which ends on March 25th.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you in London at The Pursuit! Be sure to say “Hi!”

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