Church workshops at The Pursuit ’17

The Pursuit

The Pursuit ’17 conference has a greater selection of workshops for church leadership than ever before!

  • Church Staffing Policies: Getting it right will explore creative approaches to church staffing. We will discuss how to determine the appropriate number of staff, compensation levels, structure and the effective deployment of volunteers.
  • Getting Value out of Your Real Estate: Tips on redeveloping a charity’s property. Many Christian organizations own property which has become quite valuable. Some have been approached to sell or participate in a joint venture redevelopment. Organizations have different reasons for redeveloping land: to engage in a new ministry, to expand to serve the same needs, to cooperate with other organizations in joint ministry, to provide housing for either their own members or others, to replace an aging structure or simply to free up cash. David Tang, a real estate development lawyer who works with charities to redevelop their lands, will discuss the different options, structures, processes, issues including some tax considerations and the pros and cons of working with both other charities and for-profit real estate developers to allow you to make better decisions about whether and how to proceed with redeveloping your land.
  • Church Growth Readiness. Jordan Polson’s church in Red Deer, Crossroads, has experienced incredible growth, Based on personal experience, Jordan will talk about preparing your church for growth. Church growth readiness is as much about the mindset of your ministry leaders and congregants as it is about your planning and your strategies to create growth. This discussion will consider the many factors that impact and allow growth to occur. It will discuss how to make sure things remain sustainable and fluid in preparation for growth. Our time together will also provide some practical ideas that can be implemented in most settings.
  • Utilizing Tools for Monitoring & Evaluating Church Ministry Effectiveness. How can a church implement effective strategies, practices and systems that encourage staff, prioritize goals, and ensures accountability? This workshop will consider the important strategies that senior leaders can implement that encourage staff health and goal-setting, along with the managerial practices and organizational tools that create a cadence of encouragement and accountability. Handouts and tools will be provided that can be adapted to your culture and context.
  • Church Giving: From baskets to bequests. What is the ecosystem of giving in a Church? We’ll track the life cycle of donors through a number of congregant filters and how to support both the stewardship conversation but the systematic support of donations weekly, of capital and through bequests and planned gifts. This is real world Church office stuff, no fancy expensive marketing or systems will be recommended. Pulpit announcements, bulletins, envelopes, pre-authorized will augment the addition of online, text and e-transfers. Resources from Statistics Canada and other sources will be shared.
  • Ministry Action Plans: From strategy to execution. Many churches and charities have a strategic plan or desire to have one but they are often metaphorically dusty on the book shelf and may not shape the day to day operations of the church or charity. There are three components to effective strategic planning which keeps it living and active: 1) Simplicity: it has to be simple (ie one page) and memorable (ie accessible language); 2) Systems: there has to be a system in place that serves as an apparatus to take it from the board room into the day to day operations; and 3) Cyclical: there has to be a feed back loop where something is measured, reported and then appropriate adjustments are made.

There are also pre-event days which include two different one-day sessions about Plan to Protect, and six church-mission specific workshops which will be presented by the EFC.

And then there are more than 80 other learning opportunities to choose from! There’s something at the conference for you.

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Come and get your creative juices stirring as you set your mind on breakthrough thinking! I’m looking forward to connecting with you in Edmonton at The Pursuit!

Be sure to register before March 31st to take advantage of the early bird pricing!

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