The Pursuit: Not your typical conference

The Pursuit
Last year at The Pursuit ’16, CCCC added many new features to the conference, making it a very different experience from anything we had done before. So for those who missed last year’s conference, here’s what’s new:

Different Learning Styles

In addition to the normal plenaries and workshops, we have added:

  • Knowledge Pods: Gather with up to thirteen other people and set with a knowledge expert for an hour to discuss the topics you’d like to discuss. Each pod has a general theme, such as “Human Resources” or “Governance”, but the expert has no presentation! Whatever will be discussed is guided 100% by the participants, and the knowledge expert responds and facilitates discussion.
  • Rapid Fire Sessions: If you are quick to learn and think an hour is too long to spend on one topic, here’s your chance to hear three quick presentations in a one hour time slot. Each rapid fire session will feature three speakers presenting their best ideas on a related topic. Lots of variety here, and delivered at a fast pace. Efficient!!
  • Jam Sessions: At the end of each day, join others who have a job role similar to yours and compare “best of”. ideas you’ve gleaned through the day. Learn the best of what went on in the sessions you did not attend, and put your heads together to create different ways the ideas could be used.


  • Ministry Hop: Start your conference experience on Tuesday afternoon by joining us for a Ministry Hop. Several ministries are opening their doors so you can come for a tour. See how other ministries work and hear stories of how God is working through them!
  • Art Exhibit: A feast for the eyes! We have 7 Christian artists who will create a gallery of beautiful art for you to enjoy Thursday afternoon up to the start of the banquet. All have artwork for sale to beautify your office or your home.
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? This is a popular pre-event on Tuesday night. You pick what kind of food you like from our list of restaurants, we book your reservation, and when you arrive at your table, you’ll see who you are having dinner with. A great way to meet your fellow conference attendees!

A Year-Round, Digital Experience

  • Yes, the conference is a 2.5 day event, but it is also a year round experience.
    • The conference site will remain available to you. As long as the video content remains up-to-date, you will be able to access it.
  • Yes, the conference is a live event, but it is also a virtual event.
    • Too busy to travel? No problem. You can buy a digital subscription to the conference.
  • Yes, you have to choose which learning events to attend for the in-depth learning experience, but before and after the conference you can get a comprehensive overview of virtually all the sessions, including the ones you missed.
    • Except for a few workshops, each workshop has a 20 minute video giving the key learning points of the workshop. (A few workshops and all the Rapid Fire sessions will be video-recorded at the conference and be available afterwards.) The live workshop will dive deeper into details and application. If you plan to attend a workshop – watch its video for sure before you go because this material will not be repeated in the live workshop.

And, enjoy a laugh!

This year we have a great Christian comedian, Leland Klassen, to entertain us. After two days of learning, it’s time to laugh!

Register today at!

Come and get your creative juices stirring as you set your mind on breakthrough thinking! I’m looking forward to connecting with you in Edmonton at The Pursuit!

Be sure to register before March 31st to take advantage of the early bird pricing!


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