Voices: On Trusting God Rather than Freaking Out


voices  on trusting god rather than freaking out
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A couple of summers ago, my family and I had a two-week vacation in the U.K., our first vacation ever that did not involve visiting family!

Everywhere we went, gift shops had all kinds of merchandise carrying this phrase: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Now I see it appearing here in Canada.

Five words that perfectly capture the British “stiff upper lip” attitude, “Keep Calm and Carry On” tells us we can acknowledge the turmoil around us but not to be thrown off by it. Stay the course and do what we know we should do.

It’s so easy to wave our arms and expostulate over this or that thing that annoys or offends us, or that is just plain wrong. But are the histrionics productive?

John G. Stackhouse Jr. has an excellent post On Trusting God Rather than Freaking Out that deals with how we should respond when we encounter these situations. Do we freak out or trust God?  How best to advance our mission in such times? Stackhouse’s words are important and well worth your time to read. Please check it out.

I have three posts which are related to Stackhouse’s post, which are Engaging Society WellPluralism’s Challenges & Opportunities and Note to the Church: Mistakes Not to Make Again.

God bless!

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