Employers (Administrators)

Roles and Responsibilities

Once an organization joins the Plan, the monthly administration consumes little time. Employers are required to:

  • Read and be familiar with the Plan Text and Declaration of Trust;
  • Provide eligible employees with a copy of your organization's personalized enrollment guide that can be ordered from the Great-West Life contact below;
  • Enroll all eligible employees and provide them with the GRS Access tip sheet;
  • Remit monthly contributions to CCCC as required by pension legislation;
  • Ensure pension contributions and pension adjustment information are shown accurately on employee T4 slips;
  • Notify Great-West Life about any employee terminations;
  • Remind employees to notify Great-West Life of any changes to personal information (e.g. address change)
  • Complete the Employers Annual Compliance Confirmation.

Download Participating Employer Administrators Guide



Great-West Life and CCCC are here to help you--but we handle different questions.

When to contact CCCC:

  • when amending your Participation Agreement
  • when remitting monthly contributions to CCCC
  • if you have an employee wishing to waive their right to join the Plan
  • if you need help with general questions from your employees
  • payroll questions not directly related to the Plan

Canadian Council of Christian Charities
1-43 Howard Ave
Elmira, ON
N3B 2C9

Email CCCC


When to contact Great-West Life (GWL): 

  • when ordering more copies of the Great-West Life enrollment guide
  • when enrolling or terminating an employee from the Plan
  • when inquiring about the employee’s account
  • to understand what to do when employees are nearing retirement
  • to ask questions about information on the GWL website

Leanne Arnold
Senior Customer Service Specialist
Group Retirement Services
255 Dufferin Avenue - T540
London, ON  N6A 4K1
Phone:  519-435-6827
Toll Free:  1-888-781-1262 
Fax:  519-438-9821
Toll Free Fax:  1-888-797-0071

Email Great West Life



We provide the following forms to our participating employers to be used for administrative purposes. Please download as needed for your employees. With the exception of the waiver, all completed forms should be sent to Great-West Life as indicated on the top of the form.


La version francaise de formes ici:


If an employee chooses not to participate when the opportunity is given, or does not wish to contribute during a statutory Maternity/Parental leave, the employer must have a waiver signed by the individual relieving the employer of future responsibility. The employer should keep the original on file and send a copy to CCCC.



Great West Life ("GWL") has been contracted by the Trustees of the Plan to handle the day-to-day administration of the Plan, with the exception of receiving contribution remittances, which is handled by CCCC.

Employee enrollments, change of employee information and employee termination forms need to be sent to our GWL representative (see mailing address below), who can also assist you, should you need help with these forms.

Contact Great West Life

Leanne Arnold
Senior Customer Service Specialist
Group Retirement Services
255 Dufferin Avenue - T540
London, ON N6A 5Y4

Phone: 519-435-7730
Toll Free: 1-888-781-1262
Fax: 1-519-438-9821
Toll Free Fax 1-888-797-0071

Email Great West Life

For inquiries regarding your monthly contribution remittance to CCCC, please contact us:

Phone: 519-669-5137
Fax: 519-669-3291

Email CCCC

Should you have an employee who does not wish to participate in the Plan, is taking a parental/maternity leave or should you have any other questions regarding the Plan, please contact CCCC


Have the new employee complete the "Application for Membership in a Registered Pension Plan" form. The new employee can find out about his/her pension account and guidance with the form by going to the CCCC pension website (www.cccc.org/pension) and reviewing the Employee FAQs area.

Send the completed form to the GWL representative’s mailing address in FAQ1 above. GWL will send the new member an information package.

Add the new name and social insurance number of the new member to your spreadsheet/remittance form for CCCC. Begin sending contributions on a monthly basis to CCCC based on the contribution rate set out in your Participation Agreement with the Plan.


This depends on both your organization’s policy regarding when you will offer your employees the chance to enter the Plan and the membership requirements set out in Section 3 of the Plan Text. As a Participating Employer in the Plan, you can make your own policy, as long as it meets the requirements of the Plan Text. It is very important that once you have decided on your policy that it be followed consistently with all your employees.


As a Participating Employer in the Plan, you must offer membership in the Plan to all eligible employees. If an individual decides not to participate IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU GET A SIGNED WAIVER FORM. The employee signing the form is indicating that membership in the plan was offered, the opportunity was refused by the individual and the employer is not liable for any claims in the future.

The original of this form should be kept by you and a copy sent to CCCC (see contact information in FAQ 1 above).

As the Participating Employer, we encourage you to strongly advise against such a decision. Should you wish assistance, please contact CCCC.


This depends on applicable provincial legislation, but in general if an employee is expected to work 20 hours or more per week, they are eligible to join the Plan. See Section 3.1.2 of the Plan Text for full details.


No, if he or she is already a contributing member of the Plan you can and should continue contributions.


If the individual has landed immigrant status, (i.e. has been granted a temporary Social Insurance Number), then that person is eligible (subject to other normal eligibility requirements) to join the Plan. If the individual does not have a Social Insurance Number because they are not a landed immigrant, then that person is not eligible.


Please contact CCCC (see contact information in FAQ 1 above). We will supply you with the information and another copy of your Participation Agreement.


It is a percentage of gross earnings (cash salary and taxable benefits combined).


No. Unlike Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, which are reduced by the clergy residence deduction under the Canada Pension Plan Act (to the extent that this deduction reduces the earnings subject to CPP below the Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings or YMPE), the CCCC Employees Pension Plan contributions are not affected by the clergy residence deduction and should be calculated on gross earnings. Please contact CCCC if you need further information on this subject (see contact information in FAQ1 above).


Any contributions an employee makes over and above the required percentage are called employee Additional Voluntary Contributions (see Section 4.2 of the Plan Text for details). The Employer required contributions, Employee required contributions and Additional Voluntary Contributions combined together may not exceed the maximum set by the Income Tax Act. The federal budget sets these limits. Currently, these are 18% of pensionable earnings or a maximum contribution limit, whichever is less.

These federal budget limits are updated annually by CRA in this chart: MP, DB, RRSP, DPSP, and TFSA limits and the YMPE, under the money purchase "MP limit" column.


There are three options: They can . . .

  1. Go to the GWL website (www.grsaccess.com), logon, click "Your Retirement Portfolio" and click "Member Information" to make their changes, or,
  2. call GWL using the directions and toll-free number in FAQ 1, or,
  3. have the employee complete the "Change of Member Information" form and mail it to GWL at the address shown on the form.

If your Participation Agreement does not require employee contributions (i.e. it has a 0% employee required contribution rate), you must continue to make the employer’s contributions during a statutory maternity or parental leave.

If your Participation Agreement does require employee contributions, it depends on whether the employee wishes to continue contributing during the statutory leave. If the employee gives a written statement (use "waiver form" below) indicating that she/he does not intend to make contributions, then the employer does not have to contribute during the leave. If the employee does intend to continue contributions, then the employer must also.

If the employee does not wish to contribute during the leave, a waiver form (maternity/parental leave) is required. Retain the completed form for your records and send a copy to CCCC (see contact information in FAQ 1 above).

If the employee wishes to contribute during the leave, the amount of such contributions should be calculated on the annual pensionable earnings in effect prior to the date of absence.


The Member’s Total Account will become part of his/her assets and subject to partition upon the dissolution of a marriage. The member must advise CCCC and GWL in writing (see contact information in FAQ 1 above) and send a copy of the court order, or written separation agreement, before any assignment of benefits under the Plan can be made.


Usually a missionary serving overseas is a "deemed resident" of Canada for tax purposes (i.e. they are employed by a Canadian organization - your ministry, maintain a Canadian address and file yearly tax returns in Canada). Accordingly, they are eligible to contribute.


Yes! Great-West Life has enrollment guides available to assist your employees. These guides are personalized to your organization and updated annually. The guide provides information about available investment choices and a questionnaire that will help your employees determine the choices that are best for them. The guide also includes guest access to the Great-West Life online portal. To order copies of the enrollment guide for your employees contact Great-West Life.


You will need to complete the "Notice of Member Termination" form and send it to our GWL representative (see contact information in FAQ1 above). Once the final contributions have been sent in by you to CCCC and forwarded by us to GWL, GWL will then send a package of information to the member regarding options.


You will need to complete the "Notice of Member Termination" form and send it to our GWL representative (see contact information in FAQ 1 above). Indicate ‘Retirement’ as the reason for termination and complete the additional details required. The date of termination should probably be the expected date of retirement. Once the final contributions have been sent in by you to CCCC and forwarded by us to GWL, GWL will then send a package of information to the member regarding their retirement income options pertaining to the funds in their account with the Plan.


You will need to complete the "Notice of Member Termination" form and send it to our GWL representative (see contact information in FAQ 1 above). Indicate ‘death’ as reason for termination and GWL will take over the matter from there. The beneficiary/estate will have to provide a copy of the death certificate upon request from GWL.


You can download a copy of the audited financial statements for the Plan. Also, for up-to-the-moment financial returns, you, as the designated administrator for the Plan for your organization, can access your own employees’ total holdings at any time at the GWL website. If you are doing this for the first time, please contact our GWL representative for access (see contact information in FAQ 1 above).

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