Remitting Monthly Contributions

CCCC Pension Plan

All participating employers are responsible to remit the contributions for a given month by the 20th day of the following  month. Any Employee Required contributions (and Additional Voluntary contributions) must be withheld from the employee’s pay and remitted to the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) along with the Employer Required portion.


The CCCC staff collects the contributions and remits the full amount with all posting details to Group Retirement Services (GRS) before the 30th day of that same month.

The CCCC provides the opportunity for participating employers to use Pre-authorized bank debits to remit the monthly contributions. We use the RBC Group Personally Approved Payments service.

  1. The participating employer must complete a "Payor's Authorization for Pre-authorized Debits for Business Purposes" form and mail it to the CCCC office along with a void cheque.

    If a participating employer changes banking information, the form must be completed again with the new information and sent to the CCCC office with a void cheque. Please note that CCCC processes the bank debits on the 20th day of each month (or closest business day) - please ensure CCCC staff receive any change prior to the time it is needed.
  2. The participating employers must, on a MONTHLY basis, send the total and breakdown of the contributions for that month as authorization for the amount CCCC is to debit from the participating employer’s bank account. We provide an Excel spreadsheet template for this purpose.

    The spreadsheet is to be completed with your organization name, division number, employee names and Social Insurance numbers. Each month before the 20th day, fill in the appropriate amounts for Employer Required, Employee Required (if any) and Employee Voluntary (if any) and email to CCCC.

    The information on your spreadsheet will be imported directly to the remittance file for GRS so please do not change the columns or order of columns on the spreadsheet. You may add additional columns after the existing columns if helpful for your own record keeping.

    Pension administrators will be sent an automated email each month to remind them that their contributions are due. You may opt out of this service or update your email address at any time.

Any inquiries you may have regarding contributions and monthly remittances should be directed to the CCCC office at 519-669-5137 or email us with your question.

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