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Promoting the Seal of Accountability

Displaying the Seal of Accountability is a great way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to high standards of integrity and accountability. There are several ways that you can publicly share your compliance with CCCC Standards:

  1. Download the Seal of Accountability to display on your website, in your promotional materials, or on your donation receipts.
    Print Versions Web Versions
  2. INCLUDE FREE PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL with your donor newsletter or donation receipts. 
    e-copies Hard Copies
  3. Create a Customized Profile on to help donors connect with your charity.
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  4. Be published in Faith Today. CCCC features a full list of Certified charities in Faith Today every fall. This opportunity gives your charity great exposure and better recognition.
    Certified charities View last year’s two-page spread

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"When a prospective donor of CNCF comes to us and asks us about the financial integrity of a charity they are considering a gift to, the first place we go is to see if that charity is a member of CCCC."

— Lorne Jackson, President, Canadian National Christian Foundation