Are you ready to retire?

Are you ready to retire? If so, you will soon need to decide how to convert your savings into retirement income.

The Board of Trustees and Proteus have developed a program to help you with this.

The CCCC Board of Trustees and Proteus have developed a program – Ready to Retire – to help you with this.

At no charge to you, Ready to Retire is a service offered to all members of the CCCC Plan who are within six (6) months of retirement. Ready to Retire is designed to ensure that every member of the CCCC Pension Plan transitioning into retirement gets the financial guidance needed to make informed and sound decisions regarding the conversion of your CCCC pension assets into retirement income.

The program is committed to providing you with independent, conflict-free guidance and retirement planning support within the context of your CCCC pension plan assets.*

Through up to two (2) hours of personalized one-on-one consultation, Proteus’ investment professionals will ensure that you understand all the options available to you. These options include the CCCC Retirement Income Fund, insurance products such as annuities and any other avenues you may be considering - such as those available through banks and other financial institutions. Most importantly, they will help you understand the impact on your retirement income of choosing an option.

Ready to Retire is also designed to assist you in completing any forms or other paperwork required to implement your decision and, when necessary, act as a liaison between you and the financial institution.

Ready to Retire is a convenient, simple and reliable way to set your retirement income into place with confidence.

Get the support you need.

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Proteus has worked with the CCCC Pension Plan since 2001 and has developed a strong relationship by providing plan governance consulting support to the Board of Trustees and staff. Proteus is privately-owned and maintains no affiliations with investment management firms, insurance companies, or plan custodians.

* Ready to Retire is not intended to provide you with investment management advice and does not cover other investments you may have outside of your CCCC Pension Plan.

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