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Certification Review Documents

Annual Review

The annual review is a Certified charity’s yearly confirmation of compliance with CCCC’s Standards of Accountability. To complete the annual review, charities must fill out and remit the Annual Confirmation of Compliance Form and supporting documentation within six months of the charity’s fiscal year-end. CCCC will review the submission, provide comments and recommendations, and send the annual certificate to the member once recommendations have been implemented and the membership fee has been paid. 

Field Review

On-site field reviews are another requirement for maintaining certification. These reviews are undertaken every three to five years and carried out by CCCC representatives for the purpose of reviewing additional documentation in detail and meeting with key personnel.

To prepare for a field review, the member will need to collect the requested documents as outlined in the Field Review Checklist. Within two weeks of the field review, CCCC will provide a detailed report with recommendations for complying with the standards or adopting best practices.

NOTE: Non-Compliance

Any apparent area of non-compliance will be communicated to the member along with a specified time frame for responding and/or compliance. We will make every effort to work with charities to bring them into compliance. However, failure to comply will result in a registered letter informing the member of termination of CCCC Certified membership and the right to display the Seal of Accountability. In such cases, CCCC will require the organization or ministry to provide signed acknowledgement that they will no longer use the Seal.

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