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Stewardship & Fundraising for Christian Ministries - Part 2 (Recorded Webinar Series)


Stewardship & Fundraising for Christian Ministries - Part 2 (Recorded Webinar Series)

This nine-part recorded webinar series explores the best practices of stewardship and fundraising from a biblical perspective.

Thoroughly researched, relevant, and faith-infused, this series will guide you through Canadian fundraising regulations, online giving, gifts-in-kind, and much more! Whether you are deciding how to handle a unique gift or yearning to cultivate more generosity within your community, you will find many practical resources in this e-course.

When you purchase this series, you will also receive an e-copy of the Stewardship Handbook for Christian Ministries Vol. 2, (a $75 value!).

The recorded webinar series includes all of the titles below, but you may purchase each webinar separately.

Webinar Titles

Each order is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and may be shared with any board or staff member within your ministry.

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"Helps frame the importance of fundraising policy and procedures, including communication and privacy. Thank you!"

"Inspired me to initiate positive change at my ministry."

"Very good presentations, very good information and actionable ideas to pursue."