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Pension Plan for CCCC Members

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Taking care of your employees.

Many employees of Christian ministries find it challenging to set aside enough savings to sustain them and their families in retirement.

The CCCC Registered Pension Plan (the “Plan”) offers the opportunity to provide your employees with retirement income. All Affiliate and Accredited Member organizations are eligible to enrol their employees in this defined contribution plan.

Why the CCCC pension plan?

There are three main reasons CCCC member organizations choose the CCCC Multi-Employer Pension Plan: Professional Oversight, Reduced Fees, and Enhanced Services.

Professional Oversight

The plan receives professional oversight and administrative support by a board of Trustees, CCCC staff, a professional pension consultant (Proteus Performance Management), and Canada Life’s Group Customer division. This professional oversight reduces your workload, enabling you to focus less on managing a group retirement plan and more on fulfilling your organization’s mission.

Reduced Fees

Because of the “buying power” of a large multi-employer plan, plan members benefit from fees significantly lower than what they would pay with a “retail” plan (e.g. RRSP through a financial institution or insurance company). Over time, reduced fees significantly impact the balance of funds available to plan members when they retire.

Enhanced Services

Being part of a professional group plan means that you and your employees will have access to many enhanced services. A few of these services include:

  • Personalized enrollment package to assist you with onboarding new employees
  • 24/7 access to the plan by phone and online for plan members to review their account, make investment choices, or update their information
  • Quarterly newsletter with Plan updates, a market review, and other helpful topics related to preparing for retirement
  • Retirement planning tools and educational programs 

Find out more

To find out more about the Plan:

Download Pension Brochure


Contact CCCC to receive more information and explore the plan further with a CCCC staff member.

We will contact you to discuss the plan, answer any questions you have, and provide information about next steps should you be interested in joining the Plan.  

Alternatively, you may find more information on our website at About The Plan & How to Join

If you are already part of the CCCC Multi-Employer Pension Plan, you may find more information as follows:

Employers (Administrators)

Employees (Members)

Pension Portal for Contributions