Sector Representation

CCCC cares deeply about the ability of our members to fulfill their God-given mission without hindrance. We are dedicated to representing the Christian charitable sector with boldness and discernment. Seats on various legal and government advisory committees, along with seminars, interviews, and publications, allow us to have input on policies and regulations that affect our membership.

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Legal Cases

From provincial courts to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Legal Affairs Team is actively involved in cases that affect our members.

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Research and Publications

Through law review articles, editorials, and academic books, the Legal Affairs Team seeks to influence policy makers, legal professionals, and the wider public.

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Committees and Consultation

CCCC represents the interests of Christian charities through committees, conferences, and consultation with policy makers.

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Legal Affairs Update

CCCC is proactive and intentional in researching, writing, publishing and speaking on topics that directly impact Christian ministries. Take a look at some of the projects we've been involved in recently.

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The CCCC Blog

The latest updates on current issues involving law, religion, and society, charity law and policy from our Legal Affairs Team.

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Support the Legal Defence Fund

The Fund provides CCCC with the means to advocate for Christian charities in Canada. Contributions enable us to be an influential voice on your behalf. Donate here.