Accreditation Program for Christian ministries

Demonstrate your commitment to high standards of integrity and accountability and become a CCCC Accredited Member.

Assess your Accreditation Readiness

Not only does accreditation provide peace of mind for our donors, it also gives us the assurance that we are properly handling the resources entrusted to us.

Sharon DePhillippeaux, Finance & Donor Services at ABWE Canada

Why become an Accredited Member?

A growing number of Canadians look for a charity’s credibility when choosing to donate. The accreditation process enhances credibility through third-party accountability provided by our team.

Our Accreditation Program helps ministries demonstrate:

  • Their trustworthiness, mission and overall vision.
  • Financial and organizational integrity.
  • Transparency and desire to exceed the minimum requirements for maintaining charitable status.
  • Commitment to maintaining the highest standards as a Canadian charity.
Assess your Accreditation Readiness

The Standards of Accountability

Request Detailed Standards

Accredited members are exemplary! They meet over 50 requirements within the Standards of Accountability. CCCC works with charities to help position them for successfully achieving these Standards.

Christian Ministry

The charity is committed to the Christian faith.

Diligent governance

The charity is governed by an independent and active board, who establishes policies and reviews the impact of the organization’s activities.

Financial oversight and transparency

The charity demonstrates transparency and proper financial oversight through an independent financial audit, an audit review committee, and public disclosure of financial statements.

Organizational integrity

The charity upholds the highest standards of integrity, adheres to applicable laws, and operates in accordance with its own governing documents.

Ethical fundraising

The charity is ethical in its fundraising activities and respects the dignity and interests of the donor.

Accreditation can help you to…

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Inspire confident giving among your donors

As an Accredited Member, you’ll earn the right to display the Accreditation logo on all your promotional materials. This symbol assures donors that you are operating with the highest standards of integrity.

Equip your staff with best practices to improve operations

Regular external reviews will provide your charity with detailed reports containing recommendations and best practices to help you improve your operations.

Demonstrate due diligence to your board

Accreditation assures your board that your charity is taking pro-active steps to improve operations, reduce risks, and obtain a comprehensive review from external professionals.

Connect with new donors who are eager to support Christian charities

As a Accredited Member, you’ll have the opportunity to create a customized profile on, which is regularly promoted to potential donors.

Displaying your Accreditation

There are so many ways to promote your accreditation achievement. Accredited members receive:

  • Custom webpage on the donor website
  • Use of the Accredited Member logo for all donor communications (website, Annual Reports, donor mail, etc.)
  • Inclusion in CCCC marketing activities such as print and digital ads and custom inserts and materials to share with your donors.

Words from our members

Allison Alley

Allison Alley

President and CEO at Compassion Canada

Financial integrity matters to us at Compassion Canada and it matters to our supporters. We proudly display our Accreditation by the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities so that our more than 100,000 Canadian supporters can give confidently and generously to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Shawn James

Shawn James

Executive Director at UrbanPromise Toronto

In a time where accountability, excellence, and transparency are paramount to ensuring public trust, being accredited by the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities is vital for our organization. UrbanPromise Toronto has been accredited by CCCC for over 7 years. Their team is phenomenal in providing expert advice, feedback, and resources to help our ministry thrive and be sustainable. Having their accreditation logo on our website and materials gives our donors and community the confidence to trust our organization to be good stewards of the resources God provides and faithful to carrying out our mission.

Jeff Neven

Jeff Neven

Executive Director at Indwell

We have deeply appreciated the accountability and support the CCCC has provided Indwell to ensure that our systems, procedures and governance are exceptional so that we can carry out our mission long into the future. While many organizations, Indwell included, participate in annual financial audits ensuring there is no fraud, the CCCC accreditation process ensures our stakeholders that we have the organizational structure and practices to have permanent sustainability.

Shawn Plummer

Shawn Plummer

President/ CEO at Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry (FH Canada) greatly appreciates the CCCC’s resources they make available on their website and in the Charities Handbook. Accreditation has provided valuable access to their team of experts that support us as we deal with issues confronting our organization.

Steve Marston

Steve Marston

Executive Pastor at Bethany Chapel

Our CCCC Accreditation acknowledges to our church family, our city and all our donors that we meet or exceed the high standards expected by charitable organizations. Easy access to CCCC’s Knowledge Base and phone support has also been amazing and invaluable for us.

Shelley Morris

Shelley Morris

Chief Executive Officer at The Cridge Centre for the Family

Accreditation by CCCC is profoundly important to The Cridge Centre for the Family. To be able to proudly say that we are accountable to the highest standards possible in the world of Canadian Charity and to use the associated logo, declares to our donors, and to our potential donors, that their gifts and legacies will be managed with the utmost integrity and transparency. At a time when charities fall increasingly under attack and scrutiny, the CCCC accreditation is a gold standard of excellence and we are tremendously proud to have achieved it.

Rich Birch

Rich Birch

Executive Director at Camp Mini-Yo-We

We love the CCCC! Accreditation is important to us because the next generation of Canadians is looking for accountability and integrity when considering causes to support. CCCC has been an incredible help to us, equipping us with best practices and recommendations that have increased our effectiveness as we interact with donors and regulatory bodies. Thanks for your help!

Sharon DePhillippeaux

Sharon DePhillippeaux

Finance & Donor Services at ABWE Canada

Not only does accreditation provide peace of mind for our donors, it also gives us the assurance that we are properly handling the resources entrusted to us.

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