Completing Your T3010

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Each year, all Canadian registered charities are required to complete and file a Registered Charity Information Return (the T3010) within six months of their fiscal year-end.

CCCC has developed a CRA-approved fillable, saveable T3010 form to assist you in completing your T3010. We also recommend that you consult the CRA's guide when completing your return. If you would like to print out a blank T3010 as a working copy, you can access it here.

CCCC's online return includes:

  • the T3010 and accompanying schedules
  • the Directors/Trustees Worksheet (T1235)
  • the Qualified Donees Worksheet (T1236)
  • the Qualifying Disbursements: Grants to Non-Qualified Donees Worksheet (T1441)
  • helpful information pop-ups and validation checks to reduce errors when completing your return

Begin your online T3010 filing

(Please note that the online T3010 is always the latest up-to-date version and that it is not optimized for tablets or smartphones.)

CRA's Guide (T4033)

If you send the CRA the wrong form, the CRA will send it back to you. After the CRA returns it to you, you must fill out and send the CRA the correct form; if you do not, your charitable status may be revoked.