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Protection for Vulnerable Persons in your Ministry

The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC) has partnered with Plan to Protect® to help you save money as you implement policies and procedures to protect the vulnerable people whom you serve in your ministry.

All CCCC members will now receive 10% off their new or renewal Basic memberships with Plan to Protect®. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer at Plan to Protect®.

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Screening Volunteers and Staff

They can teach you how to screen your volunteers and staff AND they do police checks for you.

Train Volunteers and Staff

They can teach and equip you to train your volunteers and staff OR they can train your volunteers and staff for you.

Organizational Procedures and Permanent Documentation

They can teach you how to maintain documentation AND also recommend documentation management systems.

Reporting and Response Protocols

They provide customized policies, training AND consulting services.

Modification of Premises

They provide on-site audits AND consulting services.

Plan to Protect


Please contact Plan to Protect® by texting or calling 905.642.4693