Spiritual Resources

The Spiritual Resources are designed to help your ministry become an ever more exemplary, healthy, and effective Christian ministry capable of fulfilling its ministry goals through an increased focus on spiritual practices in your everyday work. These resources have been created by CCCC specifically for CCCC members. We pray they will be a great blessing to your ministry. You can submit prayer requests to us using the prayer contact form below.
Let us know how you've been using the Spiritual Resources and if you have any stories to share with us.

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God’s Handiwork: Prayers to uplift ministry staff, volunteers, and supporters

CCCC’s goal with this prayer booklet is to encourage prayer for all people who are involved with Christ’s ministries, whether staff, volunteer, or donor. This customizable resource provides prayers designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each ministry role and encourage everyone associated with your ministry. Download this resource as a text-only file

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God’s Workplace: Devotionals for Christian ministry staff

These staff devotionals have a twist: They are designed to open a conversation between management and staff about the attributes of exemplary, healthy, and effective Christian ministries. Each devotional prepares staff to discuss an aspect of organizational success using the Bible as the starting point and then gives management suggested follow-up activities.

Prayer Requests

CCCC staff regularly pray for members. If you have a special one-time prayer need, please let us know by submitting your prayer request below. It is our joy to support you in this way. Prayer requests are kept confidential within the CCCC staff team.