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We strive to serve CCCC members generously and abundantly with value and benefits! Not yet a CCCC member? We invite you to sample a selection of CCCC resources and guidance as our gift to you.

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Welcome to Charity Leadership

Welcome to Charity Leadership

"Welcome to Charity Leadership" is CCCC’s webinar for new, current and future leaders of Christian churches or agencies providing a concise, high-level overview of the legal and administrative "should-knows" of operating a Canadian registered charity. Send me the webinar


Member Support Team: Free Consultation

Do you have a technical question about running a charity? Our team is just a phone call or email away to help you with the answers you need. Learn more.

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Guidance Article: CCCC’s Approach to Supporting Members’ Questions

In this article CCCC’s Approach to Supporting Members’ Questions we answer our members’ top questions about receipting, benevolence, and board member eligibility. This article demonstrates how CCCC answers your questions when you become a member. Send me the article.

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Guidance Article: The Best Leadership Succession Process Starts Now

The Best Leadership Succession Process Starts Now will help guide your succession planning as you consider who will be your ministry’s next senior leader. Authored by CCCC’s CEO, John Pellowe. Send me the article.

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Free Recorded Webinar: Stewardship of Your People Through Policies and Practices

In this CCCC recorded webinar, Christian Malleck, Head of HR, will show you how you can treat all your current and future employees with fairness and transparency.  Send me the webinar

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CCCC News and Blogs

If you work in Christian ministry, these blogs are for you! We offer commentary and insights that help inform, support, and resource Christian ministries. Our CCCC blog topics include ministry leadership, law and politics, operational best practices, and updates from the charitable sector. Read our blogs.

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Fireside Chat with Tony Manconi and Pamela Shin

Watch our Fireside Chat with Tony Manconi, former Director General of Charities Directorate with the CRA, and Pamela Shin, Partner in the Tax Group at Dentons. We'll discuss trends and challenges in the charitable sector and answer your questions on topics like CRA compliance and setting up a charity.

Top Tips For Issuing Proper Donation Receipts

Top Tips For Issuing Proper Donation Receipts

Navigate the complex world of charitable receipting with our easy-to-follow Receipting Guide. This resource identifies our top tips for issuing proper donation receipts. Download now!

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Application Information Gathering Checklist

Unleash the potential of your grant applications with this free Application Information Gathering Checklist from CCCC! Devised under the guidance of the dynamic prerequisites of the Canada Summer Jobs programs, this checklist serves as a valuable starting point. Download now!

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Establishing a Canadian Charity

Dive into the essentials of establishing a charity in Canada, starting from how to choose a meaningful name for your charity, selecting board members, to drafting distinct, clear purposes of your group. Understand how to decide on the optimal organizational structure and create the backbone of your charity through comprehensive governing documents and bylaws. This resource also equips you with the necessary know-how to smoothly navigate through the CRA registration process. Download now!