COVID-19: Re-Opening Plans Across Canada

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Many provinces have started to ease restrictions on business, recreation, and social movement of their residents. Some have presented plans without dates or tangible milestones; others have no plans. To help keep tabs on which province is opening when and the various plans, we’ve put together a reference chart with… More

Christian Ministries: A pandemic update

CCCC surveyed its members recently asking how they were doing so we could see how best to help them. In replying, our members shared a lot of great wisdom that other ministries could benefit from. Members told us: what they think about their future viability, what has worked well so… More

Blazing the trail: Prototypical freedom

Conscience A Foundational Right Freedom of conscience is a foundational right that is absolutely necessary for a liberal democracy. Invocations of the freedom to hold and act upon a dissenting moral or ethical view may be traced through the centuries, from antiquity into the present. Consider those who, because of… More

Ontario Churches & Re-Opening Guidance

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Effective Friday June 12, 2020 all places of worship in Ontario could open at 30% capacity. Initially, the only guidance available was from Workplace Safety and Prevention Services: Guidance on Health & Safety for Places of Worship. You can also find this document on the Ontario listing of Sector-Specific Guidance page; scroll to the… More