Voices: On Trusting God Rather Than Freaking Out

A couple of summers ago, my family and I had a two-week vacation in the U.K., our first vacation ever that did not involve visiting family! Everywhere we went, gift shops had all kinds of merchandise carrying this phrase: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Now I see it appearing here in… More

Charity Highlights of Budget 2017

Authored By Philip A.S. Milley Associate Director, Legal Affairs Today the Hon. Bill Morneau tabled Budget 2017 (the “Budget”). Like Budget 2016, which we previously reviewed, Budget 2017 contains only two minor references to charities. Both references appear at pages 207 – 208 and relate to removing minor tax incentives for certain charitable donations. The first… More

Church Successfully Defends Personal Injury Lawsuit from Volunteer

Authored by Philip A.S. Milley, Associate Director, Legal Affairs All churches at some point require renovations and general maintenance. Many churches wishing to spruce up their premises or cover up tired otherwise outdated paint colours enlist volunteer congregants to do the work. Congregants are generally eager to lend a hand… More

The Pursuit: Pre-event workshops

CCCC is providing something new at the conference this year – pre-event workshops. These one day workshops give you a chance to dive deep into a topic and build your skills. Consider adding one of these to your conference registration. More

The Pursuit: Not your typical conference

Last year at The Pursuit ’16, CCCC added many new features to the conference, making it a very different experience from anything we had done before. So for those who missed last year’s conference, here’s what’s new: Different Learning Styles In addition to the normal plenaries and workshops, we have added: Knowledge… More

Church workshops at The Pursuit ’17

The Pursuit ’17 conference has a greater selection of workshops for church leadership than ever before! Church Staffing Policies: Getting it right will explore creative approaches to church staffing. We will discuss how to determine the appropriate number of staff, compensation levels, structure and the effective deployment of volunteers. Getting… More

New at The Pursuit this year

To help churches and Christian agencies better fulfill their missions, CCCC has asked the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to bring their expertise to the The Pursuit ’17 conference. Now, at one conference, you and your staff can get ideas to support both your organization and your mission. More