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Free Webinars Every couple months, CCCC presents free live webinars on topics related to being part of a charity in Canada. The webinars are designed to be highly practical, so that you can apply your take-aways to your role.

Upcoming Webinar: Things Change!  Reviewing your Charitable Purposes and Activities

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 2, 2019, and sign up for our free webinar: Things Change!  Reviewing your Charitable Purposes and Activities

As a board or leadership team member, Executive Director, Pastor, or person responsible for filing the annual T3010 with the Canada Revenue Agency, you need to know how your charity legally exists, its charitable purpose(s), the activity boundaries that creates, and how to meet your legal reporting duties to the governing authorities when changes occur - planned or otherwise.

Join Gilbert Langerak, Manager of Member Support at CCCC, as he addresses:

- reviewing and understanding your charity’s governing documents & charitable purposes, whether incorporated or not;

- whether the activities you carry out are still on track on what you told the government you’d be doing;

- the all-important discernment question when contemplating making changes; and

- when changes happen, how to meet legally mandated reporting requirements to the appropriate government bodies – both the Canada Revenue Agency and incorporating authorities, if incorporated.


The presentation will be about 25 minutes, and the remaining 20 minutes will be devoted to the questions that you submit in the live chat. The webinar will be held at two different times. Reserve your spot today by clicking or tapping on the time that suits you best.

This webinar is open to all, but only CCCC Members will receive complimentary access to the webinar recording.

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Learn at work or on the go by viewing one of our recorded webinars: Unsure about a receipting issue? Want to learn more about strategy or hiring well? Going overseas or sending someone on a missions trip?

Did You Know?

Some CCCC webinars may qualify for Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) continuing education credits. Please check with your provincial association for eligibility details.

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