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Employer sponsored Pension Plans are a great resource to employees who would like to prepare financially for the later years of life. Your employer has chosen to make the CCCC Multi-Employer Pension Plan (the "Plan") available to its eligible employees. You have been sent this page because your employer has indicated that you are eligible to join the Plan!

Plan overview

The Plan is a Registered Pension Plan (RPP). Governance oversight is provided by the Plan Trustees with the support or our Pension consultant PROTEUS Performance Management. The Trustees have chosen Canada Life’s Group Customer division as the Plan custodian.

Your employer will send monthly pension contributions on your behalf to CCCC. This will include contributions made by your employer and any contributions deducted from your pay. CCCC forwards these funds on to Canada Life, the plan custodian, to invest in accordance with your investment instructions. More information on providing or changing your investment instructions is included in the Canada Life enrollment guide provided to you by your employer.

These funds are yours. They will eventually provide income to you in your retirement. It is important for you to make yourself aware of how your funds are invested and how the Plan fits into your overall retirement planning. There are many resources available to help you with this, which can be found below.

To familiarize yourself with the Plan and the resources available to you, we recommend that you read this info sheet.

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