Cultivating a Culture of Generosity (Recorded Webinar)


Cultivating a Culture of Generosity (Recorded Webinar)

Join CCCC’s CEO, John Pellowe, as he explores current giving trends and discusses how to build relationships and develop generosity among donor communities.

This webinar will help participants to

  • assess current donor research in North America;
  • design a program for cultivating generosity among donors;
  • adopt a biblical definition of generosity;
  • convert a non-giver into a giver, and givers into generous givers.

Length: 47 minutes

Presenter: John Pellowe

Date of Original Recording: Sept. 17, 2014

"Kudos for your consistent Biblical framework which resonates with Henri Nouwen's Spirituality of Fundraising principles. I recognize the good work you did in accessing resources from many scholarly sources. As I get up to speed in this component of my role in Frontiers Canada, I feel I've been given a good leg up by you. Thanks again and God bless."

— Dale Ibsen, Executive Director, Frontiers Canada

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