Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness (Recorded Webinar)


Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness  (Recorded Webinar)

Program and fundraising evaluation form the essential foundation of your charity’s accountability program. In this webinar, CCCC's CEO, John Pellowe, will walk you through the process of measuring fundraising effectiveness so that your charity can become a better steward of its resources.

This webinar will help participants to

  • identify key stakeholders and other needs with respect to accountability reporting;
  • understand the benefits of accountability and evaluation in a fundraising context;
  • develop an evaluation plan for the overall fundraising function and for specific fundraising methods that checks for effectiveness, efficiency, and underlying reasons for success or failure;
  • engage senior management and other departments of the ministry  to see how their work can help make fundraising more successful.

Length:  53 min

Presenter: John Pellowe

Date of Original Recording: Nov 12, 2014

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