Article Reprint Request

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At CCCC, we want to be as open-handed as possible while being good stewards of the time that has been invested in research and resource development. We’ve developed three general guidelines for content sharing:

  • If the terms of use are met, CCCC members who are registered charities do not need permission to share CCCC articles or access to the CCCC website with employees and volunteers within their registered charity.
  • CCCC members who would like to share CCCC content with individuals outside their registered charity must request permission by filling out the form below. This guideline also applies to CCCC members who have close ties with other organizations (e.g., through denominational affiliation or by association). CCCC will generally permit members to circulate up to two articles per year. Permission must be obtained for each article reprint.
  • Requests from non-members will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Once your request has been approved we will send you a pdf of the article without ads within 2 business days.


Terms of Use:

  • No changes may be made to the content of the article.
  • CCCC must be acknowledged in the reproduced item as the copyright holder as follows:
    "© Canadian Centre for Christian Charities, Not to be used or further reproduced without permission"
  • The date of the item’s publication by CCCC must be noted as well as the source of the material.
  • Once you have received permission to reprint an article, it must be distributed within 12 months of approval.
  • No money may be charged for the materials directly or indirectly.