The Church at Work

E-BOOK - Rev. John Pellowe, MBA, MDiv, DMin

Is the independent (parachurch) ministry sector a legitimate expression of the Christian church?

If it is, how should these Christian agencies relate to churches and denominations? Are they subservient to them? Can they each do as they wish? Can an agency serve as a person’s church? Are agencies a temporary fix to a problem or are they a longer term vehicle for Christian service?

These big questions need to be resolved if Christian agencies and churches are to work well together. If pastors don’t see agencies as legitimate ministries, and if executive directors and field workers don’t respect the place of the local church, then collaboration won’t happen.

The Church at Work examines these issues and presents a model to show how the structures of the church fit together. Then, using a new study of successful church-agency relationships, it describes the practices and policies that promote fruitful collaboration. The book ends with a practical process that pastors, executive directors, and agency field staff can use to enrich their own ministry relationships, so they can take advantage of the synergy that results from cooperation between ministries.

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